[Official] AI PvPing Parties
Hello all, I'd like to gather information to create a table for everyone interested in making Union Medals.

Please state your availability, name (can put down that you would like to be contacted for IGN), and any other extras about this.

This is for people to meet up, PvP, and win even during dead hours. If you only play during Peak Hours and are not interested with making friends in this way, please do not post.

I'll also make a skype group titled "CloserS PvP Chat" for people to make parties and even start up a skype call if needed, this is optional.

Example post:

Account Name: Mystio
Availability: weekdays 10am-4pm EST, weekends 8pm-1am EST
Extra: Can be anyone
Skype: Sure

Thank you and have fun!
Seulbi: Mystio (Lv.40) Yuri: LMAO (Lv.32)
[Image: pepto.gif][Image: 2pepto.gif][Image: 3pepto.gif]
Seha: CRAP (Lv.21) J: ROFL (Lv.20)
Account name: Tomosky
Availability: Fri/Sat only 8pm-3am EST
Skype: return.alive
[Image: E5XRinu.png]
Account Name: ayoii
Avail: just pm me in skype
Skype: cheong ze wei
Account Name: Collapsar
Availability: If i answer,it means i'm avaiable.
Extra: Only for a quick 5x PVAI for the UMs,not restricting anything (unless you somehow make it hell)
Skype: Meh,i'm more active on the chatbox,so use the chatbox instead.

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