Official Agent OA quest JP
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Hello ~ hello (`・ω・´)”

made simple guide for Closers JP , how to become Official Agent and clear the quest
Official agent is Class Advancement from your current class u get new skill and new pasive skill after you unlock it
is pretty much same with KR version just slightly different 
what u need :

1. clear area 3 and unlock Area-4
2. need to be lvl 42 : just follow story quest u will hit 42 in a blink u will get purple sign (?) just keep follow that  (!) quest that's mean u can do OA quest
3. do cube room once u must solo this quest , mobs are common monster and the bos is clone of yourselft

[Image: 4TWbeOU.png]

4. craft 2 of this item or u can buy it from market or ask your friend to gib you

( need 7 ) 次元の精髄(虹) /dimension of essence (rainbow)

[Image: YaZTGcd.jpg]

( need 5 )  確固たる次元の亀裂 / Crack of firm dimension 

[Image: 5CLu1v2.jpg]

5.after u have the material go to Area-2 and give it to ・ソウタ・オノウエ (Kanata - Onoue) NPC

[Image: BkwoAtC.png] your quest will be 1 run VH on this map on area 2

[Image: impme0Z.png]

7. after you do 1 run go to Area 3 and meet this tsundere NPC ・アコ・シノノメ ( Ako-Shinonome)

[Image: TStIBti.jpg]

8. the next quest will be 1 run on H  on this map u must reach boss room to clear it

[Image: t8bA26m.png]

9.after u done 1 run go to Area-4 and meet her . (おばあさん)

[Image: jQR4Yvp.png]

she will give you the last quest to become "OA" 

[Image: Gz2K4lQ.png]

just do cube room 3 times u can solo ask help from friend or find party 
Congratulations u are now Official Agent ! but wait where's the OA costume ?

[Image: WTTubvv.png]

10. EDIT : U cant get OA costumes permanent anymore, but u still can craft it for limited times use.

[Image: bBDQNKI.jpg]

[Image: 5S25Ui3.png]
this might be changed in future

random tips : when u doing party with japanese people dont forget to say お疲れ様でした (Otsukaresama deshita) or u can simpli just say otsu is a polite way to greet your party before you leave wich is mean good work

that's all hit like button if u think my post helpful
Found it very useful, I just got my Yuri to OA tonight!
Liked already Smile
[Image: rsr4nq.png]
why i cant dunge after 10 run?
(09-09-2015, 07:26 AM)Thanatos03 Wrote: why i cant dunge after 10 run?

Dungeon is limited to 10entries per day,that's why.

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