Official Agent logo
hi, i'm planning to cosplay OA Seha
but i cant find OA logo, i only find original logo of black lamb
i already tried to capture the logo in game with very high quality i can take but still cant see it clearly like pic bellow.
can somebody help to find the logo ? or make them at least look like it ?
i thing that if i put black lamb logo, it feel little weird.
the only thing that i can see is *UNION* in that.
[Image: jJExIi4.png?1]
I got this directly from game files: [Image: 09f1692c1a0597794357e5f9c0fdc99d.png]

But it's not big enough, so you're gonna have to recreate it.
If you need help, it's UNION at the top in black letters,
and underneath is a picture of the earth with continents (or country, I don't recognize those shapes) popping up a little surrounded by a circle of stars (6 at about the same distance), and ontop of the earth is a halo.

The pentagon border also has two holes near the top on both sides

after all of that is black background then a hexagonal border

@below LOL
No longer active
[Image: ZWzZj2g.png]
You're welcome
woah, thx so much Big Grin
i tried to edit pic above, this is what i got Big Grin

[Image: UyonFdS.jpg?1]
Nice, this look a lot more like the OA logo now. Would love to look at the finished OA outfit Big Grin
im getting excited about it
is that planet earth??

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