Official Art Links?
The other day I saw an image of Tina in a swimsuit in pvp mode screen, and I was wondering if this kind of art was posted anywhere on the official site. I browsed the Korean site but it seems it's impossible to find links for past events and only links for current events are up. And Japanese site doesn't have much to offer.

I'm not sure if whoever's in charge of the wiki has any limitations or standards for each character's gallery section of the wiki, but Closers' character art is really nice and it'd be cool if more official art was posted there making it more easily accessible. For example, right now there's official art of Violet avaiable for download here by clicking the upper left red flag thing, and the costume art here which you can save juist by right-clicking is pretty nice too

There was a link to Tina's release event on the wiki and the page is still alive so I'm pretty sure they don't get rid of these event pages. If there's any more character art aside from the wallpapers, does anyone know where I can grab more especially Mikoto's swimsuit art if it exists?
Your article is is excellent. I love it very much. Hope to reading more content from you.

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