Official Crew Nata Animated Short

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Translation credit: Kanra
Trainer: You are quite the one. If it was for one of the others, they probably would have been knocked down on the first hit., or lose the will to fight. However, you were the first who took three strikes and still didn't get knocked down.
I will hold your spirit in high regards.
From today on, you will be part of the Wolfdogs.
Nata:...On who's authority....?
Trainer: Death. or Obey. That's the only two choices you have.
Nata:. I... dont obey to anyone!
Trainer:. ...No. You will. I will give you a gift.
Nata: (Scream)
Nata: You keep this in mind.. I will get stronger... i will get stronger and I will cut all of you apart!!! I will become...Stronger than anyone!
Trainer: (Laugh) If you want to be strong, then obey my orders. From today on, I will be your Trainer.
Nata: (Laugh) Is this all you have?
Come on... Excite me more...!
This isn't it... I need to fight with a stronger opponent!
And then... I will become the strongest!!!!!!!!!!!!
Dust: He says he wants a stronger opponent, Ash.
Ash: Hm. Interesting. If that is so, then we shall prepare a stronger opponent for him.
Like that guy... Our specialty happens to be "training" also
Dust: (Laugh) Come on, wouldn't he just die in the process?
Ash: If he breaks by just this much of a challenge... That toy doesn't have a promising future in the first place. The challenge that will come to that "forged" one... had only just begun.
Dust: (Laugh) Right, it had only just begun. And...
Ash, Dust: And it will never end. Until that body has turned to ash and dust....

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