[Official] Monster Hunter Online Benchmark Program
Tencent Games just released a new benchmark utility for the CryEngine 3 version of Monster Hunter Online. You can check out the new video below or take the benchmark for a test drive for fun. Both the installer and the client is available in English, which is a nice for those who are unable to read Chinese. Enjoy!

Developer: Capcom / Tencent Games China
Publisher: Tencent Games China
Game Site: http://mho.qq.com/
Download: http://mho.qq.com/cp/a20141201benchmark/index.htm
Direct Download: http://down.qq.com/mhfc/tools/Monster_Hu...chmark.exe

I'll be posting my results shortly in various different resolutions and settings to see what I get.
Okay so here are a few videos I rendered of the benchmark itself.

Monster Hunter Online Benchmark 720p 60fps @ 4xMSAA

Monster Hunter Online Benchmark 1080p 60fps @ 4xMSAA

Monster Hunter Online Benchmark 3840x720p - No AA at 30FPS (Nvidia Surround)

Monster Hunter Online Benchmark 5760x1080p - No AA at 30FPS (Nvidia Surround)

Just some quick notes.

This game uses CryEngine 3 and is sponsored by Nvidia. What this means is the benchmark (and presumingly the game itself) supports SLI well out of the box. There were a few hitches with a bit of stuttering but that I'm pretty sure that was more to do with my GPUs downclocking for whatever reason it may be. Hard to gauge just from the graphs. I'll have to do a proper benchmark and run that side by side with some logs from Afterburner in order to find out the cause of my core clock dips. Temps were all fine.

There may very well be other, more popular Nvidia GameWorks technologies that will be available later that isn't available now.

There seems to be some indication that MHO is aiming at an indefinite EN localization from various rumors and/or sources so we can be at ease when it comes to that.

Some of my own personal notes:

I'm not one for 720p gaming but I'd be down for gaming at Nvidia Surround at this resolution. It looked pretty solid for the benchmark. The 1080p surround was really tasking on my setup, even without Fraps and I'm a stickler for 60 fps.

If you have any questions, I'll try to answer them.
Holy... I have no words to describe the awe in what I just saw...

Wow that looks amazing.
Is this game F2P?
And can you just register an account and play it?
(01-07-2015, 12:26 PM)Nirvaxstiel Wrote: Holy... I have no words to describe the awe in what I just saw...

I'm hoping we'll have more of the game's in-game footage soon.

(01-07-2015, 12:48 PM)SoulKiba Wrote: Wow that looks amazing.
Is this game F2P?
And can you just register an account and play it?

Well, the first market is China so I'm sure this will be F2P.
The game has been in nothing but a CBT so far and it's based off of Tencent's QQ service. So if you already have a QQ account, you're able to play it whenever it goes into another beta phase, albeit it closed or open.

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