Official Webtoon: Forgotten Thief, Harpy (Finished)
Episode 1
Episode 2
By: Park Jieun
Same artist who did Wolfdog's Heat Hunting, which could be found here

Yay for bad translation and editing skills \o/

[Image: 0a2d60e59fd20a7a42782f9bb7c38f96.png]

Edit: Episode 2 took a lot less time than Episode 1... RIP me.
[Image: 4d583944685961baf57db236ac986701.png]
[Image: HjlZeRz.gif]
Two more characters until we never have to see that evil witch Siyoung again.....
The yuri is strong
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Siyoung is love siyoung is life same goes for Harpy

P.s would pay top dollars for siyoung x harpy manga
wasn't expecting Siyoung to do more comeback... but, oh welp.
still fun to read tho...

*side note; nice editing skill btw. thx for translating.
"speaking of closers... who wants to talk about Seha~?" //slapped
Closers JP IGNs;
<ID : Licoirce>
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DeviantArt ; FloDoodling
Does anyone know where Harpy's dance emote came from?
(12-22-2015, 01:36 AM)DuskSpiral Wrote: Does anyone know where Harpy's dance emote came from?

I don't know where it is from, but isn't there a similar (if not the exact same) dance motion in Elsword?

@topic: thief Harpy's costume reminds me of Cat's Eye anime...
Harpy the female dog
Naddic is smart, this backstory is going to generate a f*ckton of BDSM yuri hentai fanart.
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Woah, poor Harpy T_T
thanks for the translations!
"The prideful thief that roamed the sky is no more."
can someone please translate harpy's reaction to siyoung's death asap 
this comic hurts

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