Official Webtoon: 'Start, Singang Highschool! [Finished]
Thanks a lot! I wanted to see more of the other comic though =P
[Image: Aiip38z.png]
Quote:Thanks a lot! I wanted to see more of the other comic though =P
The main site hasn't updated yet. It's just like with ElType.

Also, is this a thing in-game, or was the artist just trying to be funny?

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kinda weird that they'd want to write about an AU like this, but it's still kinda interesting?

thank you for the translations, 2na!

i'm curious, i've only seen this kind of comic style once or twice before. it's not like the manga style, is there a particular name for this kind of panel arrangement??
volume 4 updated
so not only did yuri get over there super duper fast (without seha's help, as he left before her), but she actually hit the dimensional and at the very least stunned it?

i guess it turns out yuri's a phase user in this story after all!
dat bus power just too high.
seha's lesson: never mess with seulbi or she will "bus" him to heaven
Doing God's work, 2na.

Also, I like how Seha tried to invoke that cliche of saving Seulbi, only for him to look like an idiot doing so and Seulbi not even needing any help getting out. And for Seulbi to destroy it effortlessly while acting annoyed throughout the whole thing. I like this artist's train of thought.
Curious to see how Seha and Yuri will go on from here since it's an AU
The bus scene was just amazing.
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(01-25-2015, 01:24 PM)Casey Wrote: The bus scene was just amazing.

I totally second this.

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