[Official] Yuri Appreciation Thread!
As title says.
Yuri is love.
Yuri is life.
Not because of her plot.Ok maybe because of her plot.
I can't work that img thing oasdvg gdaogvoua

[Image: pop_chr4_img3.jpg]
Y0L0 SW3G!!!1!!!
Have a gift from Yuri.

[Image: FileDownloader.aspx?oidFile=5269252976098148434]
[Image: FVUJPdb.gif]
[Image: jiSrkxV.png]

You're welcome.
[Image: Baron.gif]
LF>More love for Yuri yass
Y0L0 SW3G!!!1!!!
I'm in. >:O

What I did for her:

Page on my DeviantArt
[Image: new_siggy_by_nirvaxstiel-d6xeskm.jpg]

Closers Wallpaper
Page on my DeviantArt
[Image: closers_wallpaper_by_nirvaxstiel-d81jakc.png]

Ew no spoiler tag :c

Her 4th slot character select screen pose:

[Image: ibjcN41x6EkJc5.PNG]

God that's adorable!

And some fanart:

[Image: iyPBNC6eXv3Ih.jpg]
[Image: 2014-11-20-687999.jpeg]

[Image: 006.jpg]

Master of all lolis
Gimme them all
All you need is this pose~ <3

yuri is probably my favorite of the original three. i wish there were a way to "pause" her boobs, though ;~; not even her OA suit can hold them in place... so strong.
How about some Yuri..... yuri?

[Image: iNKamfLQDzwVM.png]

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