PSA: Closers hates Bandicam now.

As soon as you start recording, the game shuts down.

I have no idea why. But this isn't even the first Nexon KR game to take a stance against Bandicam.....
Because it's better than the in-game recorder. Big Grin
Mine was already like this though, but it only crashed if I made more than one recording.
[Image: Aiip38z.png]
I'm using fraps now,and its doing great (high quality & barely no FPS drop)
If you are going to use fraps,just make sure to record the videos on a different HDD/SDD,or you will have massive FPS problems.
There's an in-game recorder? I can't find any settings for it in the options.
(07-25-2015, 11:18 PM)Endgame Wrote: There's an in-game recorder? I can't find any settings for it in the options.

There's no settings,sadly,and the FPS drop is huge too (compared to external recorders,as long as you record on a different HDD/SDD).
Well,it also seems impossible for laptops to use the ingame recorder btw...
Anyway, you use that button:
[Image: 487da5e69c359a769783a59ba22ffad9.png]
where are teh videos w/ scroll lock saved? in screencapture just like els?
[Image: apPbg0f.gif]
C:/Users/(name)/CLOSERS, the same place screenshots go.

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