For Caster (Seulbi), are there any good passives to max out for her?

Im thinking normal att train or magic crit rate...

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magic crit rate and magic atk, and a few points into HP
i put magic crit rate only and put some to other active skills.

magic atk passive only add too little Sad
I have the same build for all of my characters:
Max Normal Attack
Max the most important Critical Damage (in this case, Magical)

That's it, I don't find too much use in the others.
If it takes away from my skill %'s, it's not worth it.

Edit: Endgame just reminded me, I forgot about OA passives.

For OA, I max Resource Reduction, Aerial Damage, and Back Damage.
If low on SP, I subtract from Back before anything else.
No longer active
ALWAYS max Normal Attack Training. The MP/HP recovery from normal attacks is directly linked to the damage dealt, and thus, Normal Attack Training boost normal attack damage = boosted MP/HP gain.

I always max out HP. You might not want to, but I see it as a worthy investment and it doesn't take away too many SP that could be spent elsewhere.

I also put just one point into Physical/Magic Crit. (Both for Yuri.) You get 5% for the first point but only 2% for each additional point. However if you do get massive amounts of Crit Chance, they become a LOT more valuable.

And I also put points into Air and Back Attack when I can, since it's a flat damage increase so many skills are Aerial by default. (Remember, Aerial attacks are both for when you are in the air AND when the enemy is launched into the air. Or at least that's how the "scoreboard" counts them.) Plenty of Back Attack opportunities as well.

The defense passives only give 1% damage reduction per level. Not enough to really be useful unless you have really high defenses to begin with. But at that point, why would you want to spend SP to take even less damage when you could spend the SP elsewhere?

Resource Cost Reduction is insignificant considering how low most MP costs are (2% of 100 MP is 2 MP saved.) and how quickly you can get back MP/HP from normal attacks on everyone except Misteltein, and it's Seulbi's Teamwork Level bonus anyway.
you max normal attack?
i rarely use normal attack, LOL
only skills and mp pot spam
Normal Attack, Magic Crit, Air Attacks and Back Attacks.
If you have enough SP left, i suggest you invest in Magic attack.
[Image: I50tQxa.png]
Is the Resource Reduction passive good for Seulbi, even? I know it's Seulbi's Team Passive but it doesn't kick in when you use Seulbi.

(03-02-2015, 02:53 AM)shardy Wrote: you max normal attack?
i rarely use normal attack, LOL
only skills and mp pot spam
You'd be surprised once you learn how to spam >>ZZ without following up the rising slashes. It's the best way to build up your bits and regain lost MP, especially since they made all of Seulbi's normals deal magic damage.
I max normal attack and magic crit.
^_^ .enielK si eman ym ,iH

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