Patch Delayed 6/2/2014
[Image: 6xAvuqN.png]

Hello, this is GM

The update that was scheduled on Feb 5th(Thu) has been postponed to Feb 6th(Fri) due to various content stability problems.

We are truly sorry for those who have been anticipating the update.
We thank you for your generous understanding.
We have decided to delay this update in order to ensure a stable service.

Due to the Feb 6th (Fri) update schedule changes, there will be event schedule changes as well.
Check below for information.

Update Schedule Changes

1. Date: 2015 / Feb / 06th(Fri) Time: Undecided
2. Content : New area update

※ Detailed patch information will be post on Feb 5th(Thu)

Change of event schedule

1. Date until Seha Lee's Permanent Offical Agent Outfit can no longer be obtained has been adjusted (?)
 - Time : Dec 30th(Tue) ~ Feb 06th(Fri) until update

2. Jan/29th(Thu) Emergency server maintenance compensation
- Time : Feb 6th(Fri) After update ~ Feb 12th(Fri) until update

Update Schedule and Contents will be announced Tomorrow.

Closers, Thank you for being patient.
Thank you

Oh dear thanks for posting this up! 
Im so sorry for not doing the updates today cause I took too long to translate elsword's balance note and i went for dinner with my anime club friends. x_x

Luckily it wasn't a heavy note then, and thank you serenade46 for posting this up!
^_^ .enielK si eman ym ,iH
Did a bunch of editing and left youa message, cheers man.
Updated, the thread. I put the notes in a spoiler tab.
Do not send me private messages regarding game help.
(02-04-2015, 11:14 AM)Nathan Wrote: Did a bunch of editing and left youa message, cheers man.

I'm not mod and I've been posting news for a loooong while lol


Oh wait, Mistel is next week
No longer active
Yeah but d00d you're a...I dunno translator? Something.

Not a regular forumer, s its fine.
Eh, fine by me. I really don't feel like new area grinding today.

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