Patch Note 05/07
Maintenance Schedule
July 5, 2016 (Tuesday), 9:00 to 16:00 JST
there will be no maintenance at Thursday 7th of July

Maintenance contents

■ Update

- Implement a 「ランブスキーパーブリッジ」 as a new hub city
-- A new episode of "BLACK LAMBS" side starts.
-- "BLACK LAMBS" character level cap will be raised to "70".
-- The new equipment will be added.
-- New achievements, the title will be added.
※ "WOLF DOG" side update is scheduled to be in a few days.

- Add a 「次元圧特異点」 in a new area of operations, 「紅の信者軍団」「蒼の侵略者軍団」 of Plane Gate
※ for admission, character level 60 or more, admission items 「アコムディスク」 is required.
- Add a new Legendary equipment "Meister" series in the area of operations, 「紅の信者軍団」「蒼の侵略者軍団」
- Add an item to the operations area clear reward of all levels band (consumables, materials of construction, elite ~ Legendary equipment, L. Gear)

■ L. Gear-related

- Add the costume 「ラブリーバニー」 series
- Add the accessories 「ラブリー&プリティバニー」 series

■ Union store-related

- End half-price sale of 「酸化防止剤」「消失防止剤」「汚染・消失防止剤」

■ event campaign-related

- The start of the 「新エリア[ランブスキーパーブリッジ]実装記念イベント」
- The start of the 「新規登録キャンペーン」 (new registration campaign)
- A new 「学園出席簿」 start from the first day (login stamp)

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