Patch Note 13/2/2015
I like the way Naddic thinks honestly.

Instead of making things too easy and then buffing them up later at the start and making us cry "It's too hard now!" they make things hard and then nerf them down a bit to make us say "THANK GOD NADDIC!"

I see what you are doing Naddic, don't think I do. But seriously... Thank god Naddic.
Attack for the hit, fight for the win.

Seha - Kurloth // Seulbi - Pekmez // Yuri - Almiah // J - SpikedPunch // Misteltein - DrillingKick

Nata - Reebun // Levia - Mirnea // Harpy - Neola
It's not that they were making things hard so much that things were cheap (E-2's boss casting two lightning bolt wheels moving in opposite directions, making them impossible to avoid.) and tedious. (Bosses having so much god damn HP.)

There's a fine line between a challenge and something that's just plain annoying or poorly designed.

Edit: Just did an E-1 VH run.

The boss went down faster, but I still only got 3% for the 13 minute run.....

Edit: Oh my ****ing god. E-2's boss on VH just keeps on spamming the sword rain attack and dragging out the fight.....

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