Patch Note 15/07
[Image: bn_pirates.jpg]
Maintenance Schedule
July 15, 2016 (Friday) 9:00 to 16:00

Maintenance contents
■ Update
The following is an update of "WOLF DOG" side.
Implement a 「ランブスキーパーブリッジ」 as a new hub city
A new episode of WOLF DOG side starts.
"WOLF DOG" character (slash, levia) level cap will be raised to "70".
2016.7.5 aerial battleship 「ランブスキーパーブリッジ」 implementation!
Start a pre-creation of the new playable character Harpy
Released in one add character creation frame from the current situation
Change the background of the channel selection screen to Harpy

■ L. Gear-related
Add a new costume 「パイレーツ」 "Pirates" series
end of the 「ユニオンアカデミー」 "Union Academy" series

■ Liberty conversion-related

From the Pirates series of random BOX, add the following items
Pirates Emotion Tickets: Emotion 「ファイヤー」 is available.
Dimension types of vaccine: to prevent the initialization / pollution / loss.
Downer oil: to -1 from the current strengthening values.

■ Union store-related
Additional "Mini alraune storage BOX"
Additional "Mini alraune egg BOX"
Sales end of the "Mini alraune complete package."
Sales end of the "Mini alraune simple package."

■ event campaign-related
Start the "Harpy pre-registration events"
Start the Wolf dog side of the "new area 「ランブスキーパーブリッジ」 implementation commemorative events"
"Happy Birthday slash!" (16/07/16 only)

■ Specification Changes
In 「プレーンゲート」, alleviating the need material number of part manufacture items that are included in the production category 「特殊作戦地域」

Closers KR Information
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» Other Timezones: 1PM PDT | 3PM EDT

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