Patch Note 19/3/2015
[Image: 6xAvuqN.png]

19/3/2015 (Thu)
4am ~ 10am (6 hours)

1. Spring seed collection event added.
  • Click HERE for event details.
2. Spring seed collection attendance event added.
  • Click HERE for event details.
3. Dimension Battle (PvP) changed.
  • OA J added to PvP.
  • Yuri 'balance' passive, basic phy/mag atk power increase range figures changed.
  • J 'health' passive, basic atk & def increase range figures changed.
  • Item [광신도의 채찍] crit-related option [Unique] properly changed.
  • Movement spd values increased for Splint Shoes: lv1 (20 -> 40), lv2 (50 -> 70), lv33 (70 -> 85).
4. Daily quest reward changed.
  • Lucky Spring ticket is removed and changed to 'Lucky Phase token'.
  • Lucky Spring tickets not used before 19/3/2015 will be deleted after maintenance.
5. Character changed.
  • Yuri's 'Yuri Star' skill super armor duration extended when used in the air.
  • Yuri's 'One Flash' skill problem fixed.
  • J's 'Vitamin Combination' & 'Headache Pressure Point' skill cube incorrect description fixed.
  • J's 'Vitamin Combination' modified to set attack on the enemy and push better.
  • J's 'I Feel Like Flying' last down dipping strike not well matched modified. In addition, if caught, punch speed increases to stop the enemies around.
  • Seha's 'Storm Burst Blade' skill additional trigger did not apply error fixed.
  • Seha's 'Discharge''Storm Burst Blade', 'Sky Slash' skill additional trigger timing deviated and did not perform properly error fixed.
  • Misteltein emotion sound effects added.
  • Emergency evasion, Open Phase power, & Ragnarok incorrect skill description fixed.
6. Combat system's 'Catch' changed.
  • Super Armor Crash level does not apply for catch attack.
  • Specific monsters are appointed to not get caught in attack patterns.
  • Cannot catch certain monsters in some attack patterns.
  • Players can catch opponent or monsters in every state except when player is using finishing move (applies for PvP too).
  • Depending on the changed catch settings, some monsters can be caught except when it uses a certain skill pattern (Red scavenger, Blue scavenger, Isaac).
7. Monster & Dungeon changed.
  • Yuri Doppelganger's 'One Flash' skill invoked method and effects changed to be the same way as the actual Yuri character
  • 3 types of Mananapon combat patterns changed (Dragon Blaster's rotating laser CD increased, General Ourobos moving oppositely issue modified, Dragon's Hall Golden Scavenger stage's rewards were dropped with an unusual probability fixed).
  • Name of Astaroth's buff in Dragon's Hall changed to [the Ruler of Hall] (Effects maintained).
8. Other changes.
  • Ears/tails animation problem in dungeon error fixed.
  • Guidebook (H) opening on the wrong page when used as soon as logged in error fixed.
  • Black Market average price for some costumes adjusted.
  • Other skills descriptions error fixed.

Click to view brief patch note issued on 18/3/2015
^_^ .enielK si eman ym ,iH
(03-18-2015, 01:36 PM)enielK Wrote: 1. Spring seed collection event added.
  • Period: 19/3/2015 ~ 30/4/2015
  • Content: Acquire 'flying seeds' from boss monsters to craft a variety of items
  • Under the Crafting > Events tab, the seeds are crafting materials for items (amulet, costume, elite training courses, etc.)


(03-18-2015, 01:36 PM)enielK Wrote:
  • Dragon's Hall Golden Scavenger stage's rewards were dropped with an unusual probability fixed

...this is kinda bad.

(03-18-2015, 01:36 PM)enielK Wrote:
  • Black Market average price for some costumes adjusted

...this too.
No longer active
(03-18-2015, 01:36 PM)enielK Wrote: [*]Misteltein emotion sound effects added

You can craft OA outfits. Nice for those who missed the deadlines.
It costs 2000/1500 for each piece though. And so far I've only had each boss drop 1 event item. That's insane.

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