Patch Note 21/04
Scheduled Maintenance
April 21, 2016 (Thursday) 10:30 to 16:00 JST

■ L. Gear-related (Union Store / Liberty conversion)
- End the sale of 「オーシャンスプラッシュ」 "Ocean Splash" series
- End the sale of 「サマーバカンス」 "Summer Vacation" series

■ Limited event campaign
- The start of the 「花より団子!桜吹雪のお花見大会!」
- The start of the 「新規登録キャンペーン!」
- The start of the 「学園出席簿」
- End of the 「April Event ~ 魔王爆誕 ~」
※ production on the events will also end

■ Specification Changes
- End of the "Levia official personnel clothing set special presentation campaign"

With the end of the "April Event", it will also serve as the end time-limited specification of the following.
※ "April Event" background and the BGM of channel selection screen
※ "April Event" "decisive battle technique" cutscene when using the skills in image, character image at the time of admission to the operations area, character image displayed at the time of UNION ARENA matching
B-but it would be a good things if they keep the April Fool Image cut in tho.... Confused
just look at those handsome dudes (except for Levia) ... and pretty girls... --

Thanks a bunch for translating again~! :3
//anyways, they even include Nyaruko campaign in this patch... pretty interesting.
"speaking of closers... who wants to talk about Seha~?" //slapped
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