Patch Note 21/07
July 21, 2016 (Thursday) 9:00 to 16:00 JST

■ Update

Add a new playable character WOLF DOG TEAM Harpy
Add the quest except for the second-order promotion-related offices to the city "Akatsuki" - "G Tower rooftop"
Release the level cap of Harpy to "55"
※ base of "disaster recovery headquarters", secondary promotion quest, level cap, level 30 additional skills, we plan to implement in the near future.
■ L. Gear-related

Add a variety of L. gear of Harpy
「パイレーツ」 series
「バニー」 series
「サボテン」 series ※ Union store limited
「翔凰学園」 series ※ starter pack limited
■ Union store-related

Add Harpy only items
"Premium Starter Pack"
"Starter Pack"
「ハーピー サボテンカフェスタイル2★パッケージ[A][B][C]」"Harpy cactus cafe style 2 ★ package [A] [B] [C]"
Various hair L. gear
※ to "Premium Starter Pack", L. gear (black tights) of limited edition and will include such as "Tri-Bulls + 9-11".
■ event campaign-related

The start of the "Harpy implementation commemorative events"
The start of the "Circle subscription campaign"
The start of the "WebMoney campaign"
Distribute the gift of "Harpy prebuilt event"
Update the "school attendance record." (login stamp)
※ will start from the new first day.
※ 14 day of the reward will be changed from "Made type Chibi Ribakon" to "bunny type Chibi Ribakon".
End of the "Harpy prebuilt event"
End the Wolf dog side of the "new area [ランブスキーパーブリッジ] implementation commemorative events"

■ net cafe-related

End of the "net cafe Premium Ver.2"
※ transition period to a "net cafe premium Ver.3" will be the end. This in line with "net cafe points" will not be able to use. Please note in advance.

■ Specifications Related

It re-add the cut scene of the bike boarding between the base city. ※ Harpy is newly added
Emotion of Harpy, "Sun bed" and 「おかえりなさいませ」 it will be not implemented.
For this reason, the Liberty conversion for the Harpy is not not contain a "Maid Emotion ticket" and "sun beds Emotion ticket" will be specification. The above-described two kinds of emotion tickets, but it is possible to be used in the Harpy, you can not emotion itself is used. Please note.

■ Information

Currently, the Japanese voice of such a story quest has been confirmed many places that do not play normally. At the time of Harpy implementation, the voice of another character is played by a different scene from the original, and the phenomenon that the sound of Fubuki Todo does not play. It should be noted that, with regard to here, cause, but we complete the correspondence is identified, I am sorry to everyone that you wait, but that is with regard to this matter we will make also continue to support the future, I would like to humbly thank you as you in advance for your understanding. Everyone apologize repeatedly that you apologize for the great inconvenience to.

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