Patch Note 27th July 2017

  1. New Feature
    • Add
      • UNION Camp : My Room & Farm
      • UNION Camp Related Items
      • Skin Pack System
      • Visual Frame
  2. Skill Changes
    • Adding and Changing some character's skills
    • Teamwork Buff Seulbi change from Reduce Skilll Consumption into Reduce Skill's Cooldown
    • Some changes to Passive Skills, and because of that, all character receive free reset and get back the SP .
    • -Levia's Phase Power Release, will get Dragon's Possibility buff that make her FM(Finishing Move) has some changes :
      -FM 1 & FM 2 will be Single Strike Attack and the damage will be 100% Critical Hit
      -FM 3 & FM 4 if Critical hit occured, Damage +15%
  3. Circle Revamps
    • Add
      • Circle Daily Mission
      • Circle Weekly Mission
      • Circle Benefits Changes
      • Circle System Change
        -  Vice Master Circle now can add/deny the  Request Join Circle
      • Adding Title Ticket : Circle Activity King & Circle Honorary Member
  4. Gacha
    • Add
      • Summer Is Coming!
        - New Summer Costume 2017 : Rhapsody Beach Costumes & School Swimsuit Costumes

    • Remove
      • Pirates Costumes
  5. UNION Store
    • Add
      • UNION Camp Related Items:
        - Maid Celine Contract
        - Fairy Pixie Alraune Contract
        - Elegant Mascot Items
        - Mania Mascot Items
        - My Room & Farm Backgrounds (can be bought from My Room/Farm)

  6. UNION Arena
    • There is a limit at UNION Arena 1 vs1
    • Some Cooldown's Skills changes
    • Change on Weekly Reward Ranking PVP
    • Reward PVP Rank Gold, Silver, dan Bronze Medal can be used at NPC 
      Crafting/Dismantling - Allan 
    • Adding Item at UNION Arena Crafting List.
  7. Event
    • Add
      • Selamat Bergabung di Closers Online season 3
        New ID's Event that made after Maintenance 27th July 2017 and old ID  that had'nt been login from 27th June-27th July 2017.

      • UNION Camp Facility
        Login for 50 minutes to get various items to celebrate the opening of  UNION Camp (My Room & Farm)

    • Remove
      • Selamat Bergabung di Closers Online season 2
        Crafting List has been deleted from NPC Allan

      • Train Harder, Agent
        - Training Certificate will not drop anymore
        - Crafting List will be deleted after Maintenance 10th August 2017

      • Event Lebaran 2017
        - Crafting List Lebaran Token is deleted
      • Tina Upgrade System Complete!
        Tina's Official Crew Uniform Permanent Craft is deleted

  8. Others 
    • 4 Set Extreme (Physic, Magical, dan Hybrid)  effect is functional now
    • Set Goddess of Athena (Physic, Magical, dan Hybrid) effect is functional now
    • Costume Set Gothic Look [A] dan [D] voice effect is functional now
    • Changes on Weekly Reward Hall of Dragon
      Reward Weekly Ranking Hall of Dragon : Material Conversion Coupon cant be used now. will be announce on later date.
    • Item Monster Hunter Motion Ticket and Devil Hunter Motion Ticket can be use now
    • Achievement untuk mendapatkan Monster Hunter Motion Ticket dan Devil Hunter Motion Ticket sudah tersedia.
    • Simplify Stage at Plane Gate (from 10 to 5).
    • Red, Blue, Yellow Dimensional Grain, Crystal dan Essence now become 1 type of item : Rainbow Dimensional Element.
    • Adding Nightmare World Abyss - Hard difficulty
    • Raid Boss Weapon available at NPC Craft/Dismantle - Allan
    • Careful when decide to cancel at random Party into going dungeon, because you'll get Dungeon Penalty.
      Dungeon Penalty only active at  Search Party (F6).

    • Some Changes on limit item crafting  at NPC Crafting/Dismantling - Allan.
    • Changes PNA System :
      - Change on PNA System UI
      - Unused PNA now can be Dismantle and  Enhancement PNA Factor(Upgrading PNA).

    • Effect Transparency at Game Setting Option for reduce effect from monster/player skill to add more fps / performance
    • Skill Cube Force Connection now become Physical/Magical Critical DMG.
    • Change Broken/Shabby/Outdated Chip Box drop item into Colorless Chip Box
Original Link :
hmmm hey i have a question do you know any ways of farming dimensional crystal essence if you know anything about it pls reply to my email 
thanks ^u^

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