Patch Note 28/07
Maintenance Schedule
July 28, 2016 (Thursday) 9:00 to 16:00 JST

Maintenance contents

■ Update

■■ Add an extension element of playable character "Harpy"
- Entrance to the base, 「災害復旧本部」~「プレーンゲート」 (dimension pressure 1 to 8 stage / singularity), and the quest of each site will be added.
- Secondary promotion Quest (promotion to the official agent), and official agent skills will be released.
- Level cap will be raised to "58".
※ participation rights to the "UNION ARENA" is a release scheduled for updates in the near future.

■■ Add the 「ティアマト対策室」 "Tiamat measures room" as a new base for BLACK LAMBS
- It is the strategy area of ​​admission can be a accessed level 67 or more.
- Operational control machine that is located to the left and right of the base from the "A", "B" type is possible admission to the operations area.
- Quest of "Tiamat Response Office" will be added.
※ will be Haruto, Mikoto, Yuri, J, Misteltein only possible base entrance.
※ For Slash, Levia it is scheduled for updates in the near future.
※ 「ティアマト対策室」 possible extension admission area is carried out in the future.

■■ Add the "dimension pressure 9-10 stage" of Plane Gate
- Admission is possible strategy area from level 64 or more.
- In "plain gate", it enables the production of a new level of 70 equipped with core and modules.
- It enables the production of items 「ハイプレーンイコライザー」 "high plain equalizer" to totally restore the tuning number of specific equipment.

■■ Add 「強化アダプター」 "Adapters" system as a new equipment customization element
- The core / module / shield can produce "enhanced slot", the reinforcement slot allows customization of the equipment capabilities by embedding "chip" dedicated.
- 「ティアマト対策室」 at NPC 「サトコ=シラトリ」 that can be commissioned by the release quest of "Tiamat Response Office" will be added.
"Chip" drop and production, L. Will be available gear decomposition and the like.
The "QUICK MENU" is newly "chip Inventory" (; key) is added.
"Strengthening / Tuning: Casey ver.13" To do this, the menu of a new "enhanced adapter (D)" has been added.

■ pet-related

- Add the 「ビーストキャット」
- Add the 「ペット覚醒」 system
- It enables awakening from pet level 50.
- Upon awakening it will be around the pet to emit the "awakening aura".
- If awakening was the 「ビーストキャット」, it will be a dedicated cut-in during an active skill use is displayed.
※ Item 「覚醒玉」 necessary to pet awakening, it will be available in limited "Tiamat measures room", only BLACK LAMBS that can awaken pet, Wolfdog are scheduled on future update

■ Union store-related

- Add 「キャロルのワンダフルパック」 for a limited period
- 「強化アダプター」 "Adapters" system item is added
- Add skill ticket [ハーピー・フォーカード] package
- Add 「ビーストキャットコンプリートパッケージ」
- Add 「ビーストキャットシンプルパッケージ」

■ Liberty conversion-related

"Adapters", "chip" of equipment enhancement items to be used in the system can be acquired in the random "ADAPTER ITEMS"

■ event campaign-related

- start of "Harpy formal agent clothing set special presentation campaign", permanent OA costume will end at 28th of August 2016
- End the production of the event item of 「新エリア[ランブスキーパーブリッジ]実装記念イベント」 [BLACK LAMBS]
- End the production of the event item of 「新エリア[ランブスキーパーブリッジ]実装記念イベント」 [WOLF DOG]

■ Specifications Related

Change the channel selection screen to the "Harpy Official Agent" specification

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