Patch Note 30 June 2016 - Levia Pre-release and Lebaran Event
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Patch Notes:

1. Levia Pre-Creation event. You can now create Levia for reserve nickname but cannot be played until 14 July 2016.
2. Misteltein Plane Gate Quest and Equipment
3. New Event:
    1. Lebaran Event
    2. Levia Pre-creation event
4. Event Discontinued
    1. Ramadhan Event
    2. New User Event
    3. Misteltein Release event
5. UNION Store sale discontinued: Pet (Jane (Song Euni), Special Trooper and Penguin) Adult Package
6. Mini Material Converter for Wedding Costume ends and will be replaced by Housekeeper Costume set

The Lebaran and Levia Pre-creation event will be release at Tomorrow after Maintenance.

2. Union Store Update : New Wave Costume
[Image: 1467105857_cashshop-800x484px.jpg]

dem seulbi blush >.>

3. Gacha Update
[Image: 1467188032_gacha942-x-570px-2.jpg]

Bunny Gacha is now updated from Wedding set to 3* Housekeeper Set [D]
kyaaa mistel is so cute :v

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