Patch Note 5/3/2015
[Image: 6xAvuqN.png]

Update Schedule 
5/3/2015 (Thu)
8.00am ~ 10.00am (2 hours)

1. Attendance Check event "Spring costume only by accessing!"
  • Period: 5/3/2015 ~ 19/3/2015
  • Connect for 1 hour to receive a "Attendance check reward box"
  • Reward is only valid for one character PER day
  • Rewards include additive/fuel, cash supplies, accessories, boss weapon costume
    • 1 star costumes such as Beyond, High-end, Power Extension, etc can be sold
    • Some rewards (cash supplies, accessories, costume accessories) can be sold
  • Attendance check reward will be rewarded in the mail after an hour of login time
2. Daily quest event "Union Watch and Spring Luck!"
  • Period: 5/3/2015 ~ 19/3/2015
  • "Lucky Spring Ticket" is rewarded for completing the Union Watch daily missions
  • "Fortune Spring Ticket" is to enter an event published here [CLICK TO BE DIRECTED]
  • Ticket is obtainable only once per day on one character. On the event page, you can duplicate participation
  • For the winners of the event's cash reward, you will receive the pin number. Follow the instructions below to charge the cash
2.1)Click the [Charge] button from the Union Store

[Image: ImageViewer.aspx?oidFile=6940049224801213949]
2.2)Agree to the Nexon cash agreements

[Image: ImageViewer.aspx?oidFile=6940049224801213950]
2.3)Insert the pin number you received

[Image: ImageViewer.aspx?oidFile=6940049224801213951]

3. Connection event "Connect for 5 days to receive Elite training course in spring!"
  • Period: 5/3/2015 ~ 11/3/2015 | 12/3/2015 ~ 18/2/2015
  • Within each event period, connect for 5 days or more to receive Union Elite Training Course ticket (7days)
  • First week reward is paid on 13/3/2015 and the second week reward on 20/3/2015
  • Item is rewarded to the representative character set at the end of each event
4. Personal event "Connect for 15 days for new spring products!"
  • Period: 5/3/2015 ~ 25/3/2015
  • Within the event period, connect for 15 days or more to receive one 'Special costume' [CLICK TO BE DIRECTED]
  • Reward to be given on 31/3/2015 to the representative character that is set on the official website at the end of the event date
5. Some errors corrected
  • Fixed Misteltein's New Wave costume not in tradable state in Account Warehouse error
  • Fixed no boss weapon costume crafting category displayed for Area 5 error
  • Fixed Black Market costume/accessory's rating option error

Click to view brief patch note issued on 4/3/2015
^_^ .enielK si eman ym ,iH
Thanks for the translation~
Thanks for the infos. Can i ask here that what is Union Watch used for?
(03-04-2015, 08:03 AM)MonkeyDAsura Wrote: Thanks for the infos. Can i ask here that what is Union Watch used for?

You can check the full info on Union watch here:

Big Grin
^_^ .enielK si eman ym ,iH
A filler update week, takes break until PAX is over.
Do not send me private messages regarding game help.
Thanks for translating, currently there's an emergency maintenance from 11:30 AM to 12:00 PM KST.
Just popping this in for those curious why they can't login or get disconnected atm.
wish i got lvl 57 weapon to use with that elite training ticket
How do you set a representative char

EDIT: Nvm got it
7 day VIP bonuses, huh?

That should be enough to get my Seulbi to level 53 for sure. Perhaps a bit overkill..... maybe my alts should get them instead.
I can't see where is the info about Seulbi's perm OA costume period...
when until it last?

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