Patch Notes 16/4/2015
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^_^ .enielK si eman ym ,iH
patiently waiting for next major patch zzzzzzzzzzz

@endgame zzzzzz
come on naddic

-bangs head on wall-

I'm considering quitting Closers myself ffs
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We're probably not going to see anything major until the Summer update period.

■ Update Details

1. Add 'Daily Operation Support' event
 ▶ Attendance event 'Daily Operational Support' has been added .
- Players will receive various items when logging on daily.
- receive compensation based upon initial connection to the desired character region , a window will pop up items paid . ( per day Nexon ID 1 times )
- When you log on, a window will pop up with items. Log onto your desired character and click onto the item to receive them. (You may redeem reward once per day per Nexon ID)
   - Events banner window that you can receive in compensation .
- If the attendance is complete is displayed in the payment window , five primary " will be reward received within the time period has elapsed .
- There will be 5 slots in event window. If you have not redeemed rewards from previous days, you may still redeem the past 4 days of rewards.
(Example: If you forgot to redeem rewards from 1-4, you may still redeem them if you are on day 5.)
- After you have completed 5 days, event slots will swap to next set of items. Compensation that hasn't been redeemed before swap can no longer be obtained.
 (Example: When you connect for 6 days in a row, the slots will change. If you did not claim rewards for days 1-5, you will no longer be able to receive them.)
-There are 15 days of rewards. After you go past 15, you will go back to the start of the rewards list.
(If you skip a day of login, you will automatically go back to the start of the rewards list.)
     ※ When playing in PC Room, you will receive twice as many rewards.
     ※ Daily Operation Support item list below
<--- Table --->

 ▶ ' operational support one days ' additional commemorative events will be conducted .
- duration : 04 month 16 day ( Thursday ) after updating to 05 month 07 days ( neck ) updated earlier
- Contents : events during the 15 characters who'd pay additional compensation to the primary compensation (15 days access required )
- Reward : Random accessories box , union elite training course 7 days
   - Payment date : the duration of the event 15 as compensation received primary connection string , 05 May 14 at ( Thursday ) afternoon 02 after mail will be sent to the city .
※ rewards are 05 month 21 day ( Thursday ) will be deleted in the check point , before that, you need you complete postal receipt and use .

2. Buff Changes and Fixes
 ▶ Fixed Game Buff effects
- Buff effect received from recovery items/dungeon objects has been changed.
   - Fixed State/Effects. ( Fire / Freeze / Bleeding / Addiction )

 ▶ Sound Effects have been added to buff
   - Sound effects have been added to recovery buffs.

3. Term item changes and fixes (????????)
 ▶ use of fixed-term priorities of the supplies have been fixed .
   - When using consumable items , fixed-term supply has been modified to always preferentially consumed .
   - If you have different expiration date of the same item , the remainder will be used in preference to the shorter items .
   - but the same item , fixed-term path to another part of the payment products mulyakryu series are consumed by the choice of closure .

4. Enhancement System Changes and Fixes
 ▶ Fixed issue where you receive error message when enhancing.
- Irregardless of material inventory and enhancement penalty, you needed to free up inventory space. This has been modified so that it only shows up when there is a 'Destroy' penalty.

5. Other Changes and Fixes
 ▶ Fixed Dimensional War Skill errors.
-Fixed Misteltein's Forced Cancel's incorrect cooldown. (60 seconds → 180 seconds)
-Fixed Intern Lee Seha's Finishing Move Meteor blade, was unable to acquire maximum level.

 ▶ Output metabolic error will be corrected . (???)
- Fixed Enhancing/Tuning machines output errors from April Fools Day Event.
   - Disaster Recovery Quest progress at a second at the headquarters area , in some sections of the release of the speech fault output error has been corrected .

 ▶ Fixed Circle errors:
   - Fixed error where members appeared offline.

 ▶ Fixed Screen Resolution errors:
-Fixed item description positions
-Fixed Guide/Skill letters
-Fixed incorrect location of Friend/Circle button when right-clicking someone.
-Fixed Boss HP Gauge size

 ▶ Fixed effect errors:
- Fixed error where dungeon MP/HP buff objects failed to recover.
- Fixed error where Shiny Dual-Use Recovery Capsules had separate recovery effects.

 ▶ Fixed Union Store Descriptions:
- Fixed the lack of "May only be purchased once per character" onto description of J/Misteltein Start Package

I'll make it make more sense tomorrow
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(04-20-2015, 02:26 AM)Khleys Wrote: Screen configuration errors are corrected .
   - In the item description stats icon and the position of the letters seemed at loggerheads error has been corrected .
   - Guide the pop-up window and skills letters seemed at loggerheads error has been corrected .
   - im the location of friends and Group button at loggerheads seemed an error has been corrected .
   - Boss gauge the size of the error bars seemed no match fitness levels have been fixed .
I hope they know there are still many things to be fixed.
Why did they have to mess with these things in first place? -_-
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