Patch Notes 21/5/2015
■ Update Details

1. Skill related changes and fixes
► Maximum Skill Hit count
    - Each skill attack now always does the same amount of hits to the same target
      : Unusual hits occured when hitting enemies with skills during the time stop caused by certain Closer or Monster skills.
      : Fluctuations in hit count caused by frame rate mitigated by changing calculation method from 85 FPS to 60 FPS
    - Unexpected hits will be reduced and balance modified on an ongoing basis.

► Skill Tooltip Damage
     - Skill Damage is now displayed as the maximum possible amount.
         Example: Omega-3 Rush Level 1 "Punch Barrage" damage step (Max hit count : 8 hits)
             -Displayed Before : 54% Physical Damage
             -Displayed After: 432% Physical Damage
2. Item related changes and fixes
  ► Stat issue fixed
    - Monster Defense-type stats from PNA items will now be applied correctly.

  ► Item Repair
    - Repair cost for Plane Gate equipment has been cut but 2.6 times.

  ► Anti-Burn Potion
    - Buff icon is now displayed

  ► Costume Tuning fixed
    - Since the update on the 30th of April, certain costume tunings did not appear, this has now been fixed.
     - Our priority is to change the tuning method reliant on probability, to a system where it is easier to obtain the desired tuning option

3. Event related changes and fixes
  ►  Bingo Event
    - Bingo Event ends.

  ►  Balloon Gathering Month event (Week 4)
    - Craftable obtainable items now include Material boxes and New Wave costume parts

  ►  Union Watch Event ends
    - Can no longer obtain Night Cat Doll Ride accessory

4. Other changes and fixes
  ►  Inventory Fix
     - Inventory issues when Quest Progress window was open fixed 

  ►  Item Fix
    - Fixed frame drop issues when comparing items

  ► Circle Fix
    - Fixed issue where you couldn't use items after using Circle Action shortcuts in the hideout
    - Confirmation window added when leaving a Circle

  ► Dialog Fix
    - Fixed a rare issue where you could not talk to an NPC
    - Fixed some abnormal chat bubbles

  ► Skill Fix
    - Fixed issue with Yuri's Zone Control crashing the game client.

  ► Enhancing improvement
    - Fuels and additives remain in the enhancing slot upon successful enhancement.

  ► Tuning improvement
    - Select All will now turn off for each tuning.

  ► Optimizations
    - Loading speed of dungeon areas with Character-type Monsters improved.
    - Maximum frame rate reduced from 85 FPS to 60 FPS to improve stability. (More Details here)
    - Rendering times reduced
    - Resolution UI scaling fixed

Teleia - Level 70 Caster
무한의Hope - Level 61 Witch
Account ID: EDream
The Union Watch event is those rocks for the cat helmet, right?

They're..... they're not taking away being able to craft fibers from the medals, are they? Because I'm so close to getting my full OA outfit to 2-Stars.....
1v1 pl0x
No longer active
(05-19-2015, 10:01 PM)Khleys Wrote: +13vs+7 pl0x

No,just no.
The second level of Plane Gate stages can now be the stage for the daily quests. And no one ever queues from them.

Be prepared to do some soloing.

Also, the frame rate optimization is pretty significant. Everything moves smoother now.
regarding the stability, i will try to find a craptop and test it on that see if the game optimized for low end computer. but huray for the Naddic(K), they man up to fix their biggest issue
I'm getting a problem that when i started the game, it stopped at the loading screen and the icon keep rolling and rolling but i can't get into the character select, anyone meet this bug ?
(05-21-2015, 10:14 PM)LeoAurico Wrote: I'm getting a problem that when i started the game, it stopped at the loading screen and the icon keep rolling and rolling but i can't get into the character select, anyone meet this bug ?

try to restart your browser, re log in and start the game again
Bleh. Level 3 Plane Gate stages can also appear as dailies.

I haven't unlocked them because I only do Poison Ivy and Vikingbot at level 1 because of the red fuel daily. (Technically repeatable, but you can only complete it once a day due to daily limits.)

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