Patch Notes 30/12/2014
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[9:00AM-11:00AM Times are in KST]

1. Official Agent Seha Added
-New quest, skills, and promo
-G on the Tower Rooftop will sell new skill cubes of official agents
-Seha and other official agents can be selected from in PvP

2. Party Buffs Added
-If players are playing a different character than each other, buff is applied accordingly to their level
-However if players have the same job, buff is applied at maximum level

3. Character Starter Pack items will be added

4. Union Medals will be given out to new players

5. Others
-Slash Skill Effect (Yuri's) will be changed
-Seha focusing his sword after casting is a normal attack and cancellation makes it possible to move (?)
-Some skill description changed
-Crafted equipment can be registered on the level of craft/disassembled on the lower 5 levels.  
-Fixed an error that occurred in some games
Y0L0 SW3G!!!1!!!
What is the require level for the Official Agent Seha job? And where is the Tower Rooftop lol? Sorry I'm new
Isn't the player buffs something that applies for having different characters on your account?
This was just my speculation, but I believe the buffs get stronger each 10 levels and apply to all characters besides your own past level 30.
So if I play a level 10 Seha and have a level 40 Yuri and a level 30 Seulbi on the same account, I will receive a good buff from Yuri and a weak buff from Seulbi.
And if I played my Seulbi, I would only get a Yuri buff.
Or am I wrong?
It seems that having 2 same agents doesn't give the agent buff to each of them.

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