Patch Notes 30/4/2015
■ Update Details

1. New Area "Plane Gate"
 ► The Plane Gate area is now available.

2. PNA System Addition
 ► PNA System which allows players to grow their characters in their own way has been added.
 ☆ The system is activated at level 50, after the completion of a quest given by the Plane Gate guide NPC.
 ☆ Slots on the PNA Page must be opened using PNA points (SP is obtained as compensation)
 ☆ Every time your PNA levels up, one PNA point will be obtained. Obtained points are used to install PNA factors.
 ☆ PNA Experience is obtained any time you clear dungeons in Disaster Recovery Center or Plane Gate.
      ※ Must have completed guide quest to obtain PNA Experience.

   1) Array Factor / 배열인자
      - PNA has low stats.
      - When installing an Array Factor, 2 PNA Points are consumed.
   2) Combination Factor / 결합인자
      - PNA has average stats.
      - When installing a Combination Factor, 3 PNA Points are consumed.
   3) Variation Factor / 변이인자
      - PNA has high stats.
      - When installing a Variation Factor, 4 PNA Points are consumed.

3. Skill Cube Revamp
 ► Through a variety of options, players will be able to develop their own playstyle even with the same skills.
 ► Skill Cube update started, cubes will be updated per character in sequence. Common Option Skill Cubes added.
    ※ Damage values caused by Skill Cubes will be indicated in the future and more improvements will be made.

   1) Advanced Cube
     - Some changes to features and ratings.
   2) Expert Cube
     - Master Cube option "Allow added attack while in the air" has been moved to Expert Cube.
     - The effect will immediately be applied to all characters that had Expert Cubes equipped.
   3) Master Cube
    - Name changed to a unique name with the accompanying changes to the functions.
         ※ Allow added attack while in the air moved to Expert Cube.
    - Master Cube install requirement changed to skill level 12 instead of 9 for Active skills.
   4) Option Cube
    - Common cubes can be used by all Active skills.
    - Allows various functions, such as letting you use the skill during another skill without constraints.
4. Item Option changes and fixes
  ► The activation requirements for conditional bonuses such as Aerial and Back Attack have been re-evaluated. The option values have been modified to be the same for both stats.
  ☆ Certain skills had issues recognizing Aerial attacks and the execution was poor. This has been modified so it is more intuitive.
  ☆ Modified Aerial and Back Attack functions to allow for more diverse skill usage and fighting styles based on character properties.

   1) Aerial
     - Requirement changed from [When user or enemy is in the air -> When user is in the air]
     - Skills activated in the air due to Expert Cube will always count as Aerial
     - Skills that are activated in the air but travel to the ground (such as Yuri Star or Magnesium Strike) will still receive the Aerial bonus.
     - Allowing for Aerial bonus damage to be triggered more easily will be adjusted in the future
     - Corrected issues where certain dungeon areas wrongly applied Aerial damage even when on the ground.
   2) Back Attack
     - Back Attack will more accurately occur when hitting enemies from behind.
     - Certain attacks that still applied back attack when used in front of the enemy due to moving too fast have been properly corrected.
     - Due to the difficulty of landing a back attack due to the AI constantly chasing the player, the values on items and options has been increased to be similar to Aerial.
   3) Chase
     - A new type of bonus damage that is applied when hitting an airborne enemy.
     - This will benefit attacks that blow enemies into the air while doing damage and allows players to deal higher damage by constantly keeping enemies airborne.
   4) Down Attack
     - Applies when hitting a knocked down enemy
     - As you do 50% less damage to a knocked down enemy, this option helps dealing damage to those targets.
     - In addition to this combat option, certain damage reduction features such as knocked down enemies may be adjusted in the future.

 ► Added Monster Defensive  Types
    1) Options have been added to allow more damage to certain monsters depending on their defensive type
    2) There are six defensive types: Unarmed, Lightweight, Regular, Large, Building, Barrier
    3) This offensive option is rare and can be obtained through PNA and certain special items.
    4) Indication of Monster Defensive Types will be implemented as soon as possible.

 ► Fixed Option errors
    - Armor Penetration Rate options were not being applied properly.

 ► In addition to PNA, certain skill buffs and cubes now increase many of the optional stats. Some changes were also made to the algorithm of the cumulative efficiency of these stats.

[Image: f3fa91fb3f.png]

    1) Existing = Additive
          10% + 10% + 10% = 30%
    2) Changed = Multiplicative
          1 - (1 - 10%) * (1 - 10%) * (1 - 10%) = 27.1%

5. Trade Reorganization
  ► Black Market System changed
    1) Registration Fee removed, time is now fixed at 12 hours.
    2) The 10 to 30 minute waiting time after registering an item has been changed.
    3) The average cost of upgraded equipment has been changed
        - +0 serves as the basis for the price and is increased for every step.
        - Average cost of items will renew weekly instead of daily to prevent extreme fluctuations.
        - The price range of registering items was changed from 120-70% to 130-70%
        - Black Market Fee based on daily cumulative sales changed
              * Basic : 5%
              * Increases by 1% for every 500k Credit (Up to 30%)
              * Black Market Fee refreshes at 4AM KST

  ► Private Trading Reorganization
    1) Reinstated the function.
    2) Each account may only trade for up to 200 Million credits (including item value) per day.
    3) Personal Tradeable Goods can be traded without restrictions, such as Finest Enhance Fuel
    4) The value of items being traded is determined with a sub-rule:
        - Personal Tradeable Goods = Shop Price
        - Items that can be placed in the Black Market = Average Market Price

6. Character Related changes and fixes
  ► Character Balance : Seo Yuri
    1) Automatic Fire damage was deemed too high
        -Bullet Attack: 182% Magic Damage ▷ 142%
        -12% per skill level ▷ 9%
    2) Zone Control damage modified to be more useful
        - Sword Slash: 176% Phys Damage ▷ 211% / 19% per skill level ▷ 23%
        - Sword Wave: 528% Magic Damage ▷ 633% / 57% per skill level ▷ 69%
        - Bullets: 88% + 88% Phys/Magic Damage ▷ 105% + 105% Phys/Magic Damage / 10% + 10% per skill level ▷ 11% + 11%
        - Rear Slash: 528% Phys Damage ▷ 633% / 57% per skill level ▷ 69%
        - Mana cost has been slightly reduced
    3) Changed Yuri Star hit mechanism to compensate for the inconsistency of the skill
        - Flame Attack: 83% + 83% Phys/Magic Damage ▷ 90% + 90% / 10% + 10% per skill level ▷ 11% + 11%
        - Flame Tornado damage per hit increased and hit count reduced
    4) Issue where Yuri Quick Draw! "Wait!..." buff did not disappear has been fixed.

  ► Character Balance : Lee Seha
    1) Improved overal functionality.
    2) Discharge modified, additional hit chases enemies more quickly.
    3) Reveral / Meteor Blade / Point Blank Strike skill direction can be changed with arrow keys.
    4) Pulse Cannon and Shockwave performance improved.
    5) Rush skill speed increased, attack pierces and pushes enemies better.

7. Monster-related changes and fixes.
  ► Cube APC (artificial player character)
     - Difficulty of the APC was slightly lowered.
  ► Dragon Palace - Astaroth
     - Wide Area Flame Explosion skill changed to super armor instead of invincibility.
  ► Disaster Recovery Center area
     - Overal difficulty reduced in accordance with lower entry level.

8. Dungeon-related changes and fixes.
  ► Cube Dungeon Entry method changed
      - Can now be entered 10 times per day after clearing Official Agent quest.
  ► Disaster Recovery Center Town and dungeon entry changes
      - Level 48 ▷ 47

9. Quest-related changes and fixes.
  ► Second Job quest conditions changed
      - The last part requiring 20 runs of Cube has been reduced to 10 runs.
  ► Disaster Recovery Center quest modifications
      - Amount of recovery potions from repeatable quests reduced
  ► Added Official Agent Costume event quest
      - Limited time event quests for Official Agent costume were added
      - Quest can be obtained on G Tower Rooftop
      - Cube Boss drops coins which can be traded in for Official Agent Costume (Permanent)

10. Item changes (too many to list, mostly low level things and minor fixes)

11. Added Circle Hangout
  ► When reaching level 2, Circle Hangout can be aqcuired.
     1) The following features are available
        -Free space for Circle Members only
        -Mascot purchases that apply buffs
        -Use of certain NPC functions
        -Circle Hangout specific character animations

12. Union Store Reform
  ► Prices modified to reflect removal of Union Medals. 
        -Certain unlockables can be purchased with Credits

16. Other changes
  ► Added unique animation for Elite / Legendary weapon and costume drops.
  ► Removed unused stats from status window.

Teleia - Level 70 Caster
무한의Hope - Level 61 Witch
Account ID: EDream
Wow, we're getting the new areas already? Very nice. Didn't expect to have a reason to log onto my Seulbi so soon.

And I certainly hope "Some details of the Seo Yuri revamp adjusted." entails reducing the pushback on ZZ. I'd love to be able to combo things smoothly without needing a wall or another player attacking from the other side again.
Updated some stuff. Seems like Skill Cube revamp is happening already.
Teleia - Level 70 Caster
무한의Hope - Level 61 Witch
Account ID: EDream
Guh. My Seulbi's only 49, so that means more work before having to actually access the areas.

Still, of all the times I'll be busy with other games, they decide to make their move now. I am very much annoyed.
(04-28-2015, 12:27 PM)EternalDream Wrote:
*This is a rough translation so few things might not be entirely correct. Keep that in mind*

This update adds a new area and a Circle specific area - "Hangout".


Union Store will be changed and transactions re-enabled.

Please note the following update schedule for more details.
-Update Schedule-
Thursday April 30th 2015 7:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m.
1. New Area 'Plane Gate' is added. (Level 50 and above)
2. New quests and craftable items added.
3.'PNA' system added to further character growth. (Level 50 and above) I'M EXTREMELY CURIOUS ABOUT THIS
4. Premium PC room benefits are changed, PC room-only events will be added. :'c
5. New events added.
6. New costumes and accessories added.
  -These can be found in the Union Store, quests, and events.
7. New Circle Content 'Hangout' added. WOOHOOOOOOOOOOO
8. Private transactions become available again. Some restrictions upon individual transaction are to follow. WOOHOOOOOOOOOO
10. Battle determination method is changed and new abilities will be added. (?)
11. Added skill cube slots to Actives and Finishing Moves. WOOHOO, ACTIVE CUBES[Image: 1.0]
12. Able to produce costume accessories through the Union Watch. [Image: 1.0]
13. Timed talismans will be added. ????
14. Some details of the Seo Yuri revamp adjusted. Please tell me they're adjusting Rolling Vulcan...
15. Disaster Recovery Center area and dungeon entry level adjusted. (Required Level: 47) One level doesn't seem like much but this game is so grindy that it actually matters zzzz
16. Adjustment of some item levels. '^'!
17. Materials required to produce certain items reduced. So they're getting rid of forced purchase stacks and reducing production items required. HELLO ULTIMATE DEFLATION ;_;
18. Cube can be entered even after completing Official Agent quest. Sweet, we can help out peeps now Big Grin
19. Seed collection event ends. F*CK
20. Daily lucky day event ends. F*CK
21. Union Medal system removed. Union Store reorganized. So where's the "You may now purchase Skill Slots, Item Slots, Temporary NPC hair, Market Slots, etc. with Credits"?

Detailed patch notes will be released after maintenance.

(04-28-2015, 02:07 PM)Nova Wrote: Still, of all the times I'll be busy with other games, they decide to make their move now. I am very much annoyed.

...Exactly what I was thinking

(04-28-2015, 01:07 PM)Endgame Wrote: Wow, we're getting the new areas already? Very nice. Didn't expect to have a reason to log onto my Seulbi so soon.

And I certainly hope "Some details of the Seo Yuri revamp adjusted." entails reducing the pushback on ZZ. I'd love to be able to combo things smoothly without needing a wall or another player attacking from the other side again.

Well if they don't fix it, then I suggest using ZZZZ >>ZZ. (Shooting, then closing in) I use it myself, haven't run into any problems yet.
I will admit it is pretty long, but I'm the type of person who hates long delays with a passion, and if I haven't run into problems yet then it should really say something...

No longer active
No nata no update no login.
If we're already getting the new areas, then chances are we'll get Nata real soon.
(04-28-2015, 10:51 PM)Person Wrote: No nata no update no login.

(04-28-2015, 11:14 PM)Endgame Wrote: If we're already getting the new areas, then chances are we'll get Nata real soon.

2na's post says Nata is coming out June/July Tongue
No longer active
Quote:New costumes and accessories added.

[Image: VvNKUFz.jpg]
Plane gate isn't technically main Season 2 storyline.

So we have
Season 1:
Gangnam 1-1 ~
Guro 2-1 ~
Singang Highschool 3-1 ~
G Tower 4-1 ~
Epilogue E1-1 ~

and they are working on Season 2 Story line
Season 2:
Airport 5-1~
???? 6-1~
Epilogue E2-1~

Plane Gate is a separate endgame area and it probably can be played along with Season 2 story line. They described as counterattack on the Dimensionals.

Plane Gate:
Opened after Season 1:
P - 1
P - 2
P - 3
P - 4
Opened after Season 2:
P - 5
P - 6
[Image: hDFkpkH.gif]

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