Patch Notes 30/4/2015
where is reduced exp tables

where is it
Exactly what I need.
(04-29-2015, 01:33 AM)2nafish Wrote: e.g.
Plane Gate:
Opened after Season 1:
P - 1
P - 2
P - 3
P - 4
Opened after Season 2:
P - 5
P - 6

So it's sort of like old Feita? Huh, okay then.

Yay for non-standard area designations.
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wonder how big is this update... uhh.. hope someone can reup D:
[Image: 2hi70r6.gif]
Hopefully it'll be an EXP paradise like the old Feita quests were before the Story Quest update.

30-35 used to go so fast.....
Well, some things I noticed.  Slot expansions are now in game money based, which seems to be 100k/200k for inventory, and 200k for bank.

Also, normal skills now go: 3/6/12 for advanced/expert/master (never getting the OA skills to master now...) It seems they have buffed the natural mp regen rate, with my Selubi at 16.63/3sec and Yuri at 18.22/3sec, both at level 50.

They got rid of a lot of the extraneous stats, such as "Dimensional Pressure Amplification" (trans. from the guide), and added a new set of conditional add damage/crit rate/crit damage/defense penetration stats: on downed enemies.  It does not appear they removed the heavy defense increase on downed mobs though, so it doesn't seem too useful.

They also buffed the conditional stats, percentage wise, as one of my previous S rank 10% back crit rate weapons is now 16.90% and a module was increased from 5% to 8.45%.  Aerial seems to be unbuffed.

But for the real fun part.  There are now diminishing returns on crit rate, conditional crit rate, and crit damage (conditional crit damage seems uneffected, and unsure of other diminishing return stats).  It is not too significant, as my 15% phys. crit weapon changes the stat from 22.51% to 33.75% (75% effective) but it's now a thing.

(04-30-2015, 05:39 AM)HideousJoe Wrote: Well, some things I noticed.  Slot expansions are now in game money based, which seems to be 100k/200k for inventory, and 200k for bank.

Good job, naddic. You didn't go full retard.
Help w/ EXP Data!
Help w/ Server Differences!

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Warning to new players:
CLOSERS is a game that adjusts several important details in almost every single patch.
So something that may have been true a month ago may not be true now. Check the date before you reply!
I got a legendary drop from my first run in the first new stage, and it had a "sparkle" sound effect as it dropped and a beam of light over it.
So, some thing's I've discovered about the Option Skill Cubes

-They are all generic. Any Option Cube can go into any skill.
-They boost the skill you equip it to with bonus stats like "Back Damage +%" or "Magic Penetration Rate +%".
-Some of the Option Cubes have icons identical to existing skills. This does not mean they can only be used on that skill. The Magic Penetration one for example looks identical to Discipline Blade (Seulbi's first skill).
-The Plane Gate skill cube lady sells 4 basic types, and while I am not sure what the first one does (the Forced Cancel look-alike), the other three are Skill Resource Reduction +8%, Phase Power Damage +8% and Skill Cooldowns 5%
-The other cubes can only be gotten as drop or from the auction house. They all have Purple (Elite) names.
-You can not equip Option Cubes to Finishing Moves. Maybe these have specific cubes of their own?
Teleia - Level 70 Caster
무한의Hope - Level 61 Witch
Account ID: EDream
If I had to guess, the Forced Cancel one probably allows to skill to be canceled out of with a reduced cooldown for FC or for free/no cooldown.

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