Patch Notes 4/02/2015
■ Update Details

1. Closers 100 day open anniversary event

▶ All players logging in gets open 100days anniversary cube.
- Duration: 4/02  ~ 4/09
- Details: Box containing 'Black Lambs 100 days anniversary doll' is sent by mail when logging in during event time.
※ Doll is sealed when acquired from the box so it can be moved around in shared bank.

▶ 100 Flying Seeds sent Daily for players logging in~
- Duration: 4/02 ~ 4/09
- Details: Stay logged in for 100 minutes daily to get 100 'flying seeds' by mail.
※ Seeds only applicable for 1 character per day per ID.

▶ Open 100 day anniversary dance emotions
- Open 100 day anniversary dance emotions added.
- Can perform using skill-window hotkey or chat command(/백일춤, /qordlfcna, /QORDLFCNA)
※ Dance is here to stay even after event

2. New Welcome Spring attendance event

▶ Logging in daily in April grants lots of rewards
- Duration: 4/02 ~ 4/30
- Details: Each day gives different reward box by mail.
※ Monday ~ Thursday: 1 Boost Talisman 6 kinds / Revive Capsule x1 / Gear grade reset x1
※ Friday: QA Seal x10
※ Saturday: High Output Equalizer x1 / QA Seal x10 / Dioxy Cleaner x1
※ Sunday: Union gear lubricant x11 /  QA Seal x10 / Special Mission assist contract 7 days x1
※ All items last 7 days after opening the reward box.
※ Reward boxes deleted on 05/06 after 12AM

3. Monster Changes

▶ Cube monster changes
- Trainee, Intern monster's Finisher skills does not cause super armor crash.
- Skill damages of Trainee, Intern monsters decreased, damage changed from percentage to fixed damage.
- Removed hitstun for Seulbi's Telekinetic Barrier

▶ Doppelganger monster changes
- Delay before Finisher skill use increased for all Doppelganger monsters except the ones in Hall of Dragon(Ep-Extra)
- Finisher skill's Super armor crash removed for all Doppelgangers except the ones in Hall of Dragon(Ep-Extra)

4. Other changes
▶ April Fools event ends
- Kim Gitae dimension ball sale ends
- Poe and Gitae monsters don't appear in dungeons
- [만우절] 클로저스 퀘스트 – 마왕 통돌이의 야망 / [만우절] 클로저스 메모리얼 – 소녀 통돌이의 사랑 /
[만우절] 포의 탈출 – 업그레이드의 event related quests removed.

▶ Material Change(Laundry Machine lotto) item contents changed.
- Changed so megaphone doesn't come out.
- Changed so mana recovery capsule does not come out for J.
(Could still get mana recovery capsule in gear tab)

▶ Circle Error fixed
-Fixed problem where players could not join other circles after disbanding current circle.

▶ Damage display method changed
- Changed text display and animations for physical/magical damages and critical damages

[Image: hDFkpkH.gif]
(04-01-2015, 07:58 PM)2nafish Wrote: - Removed hitstun for Seulbi's Telekinetic Barrier

Thank the great naddic

...though, this patch was pretty boring for a 100-day celebration.
I mean, I know it's not 1-year anniversary or anything yet but naddic are you this unaware of how your main playerbase is slowly dying due to boredom and unstable server
Can you please add custom controls and remove trade ban and release circle base and add Tein to AoS and add Nata and add more AoS characters and add more side content already
No longer active
Hm.. doesn't seem like a worth wild event (again) honestly I'd rather them just add some more content(guild base anyone?) but overall its kinda meh 
Side note: Stillllllll looking for trade ban lift like its gotten to the point where it seems they don't even remember they banned trade :U.
[Image: WyY2kGE.jpg]
Seha: lvl 62 Misteltein:62 Seulbi:44 Yuri:50 J:62 Nata: 58 Revia:59 Harpy:48

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