Patch Notes 9/01/2015
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Patch Notes 9/01/2015

1. Implementation of a " clear rank system "
  • Only at the highest degree of difficulty of each strategy area, up to the 3-position of the clear time it will be reflected .
  • Ranking open the mission map from operational control machine, you will be able to confirm that it put a check in the " clear rank confirmation" .
2. Event Campaign
  • Start of the event " Union Watch strengthening Week"
  • End of the " Circle join campaign "
  • End of the " it-tells join campaign "
  • End of the event "Closed β test participation benefits " and " open β test pre-registration benefits ,"
3. Bug fixes and Changes
  • L. for the ability value of the gear "3 ★ high-end weapon site", bug fixes, which has been in a different numerical value to the original parameter
  • In various NPC escort quests, Fixed bug in which the image character of "escort failure" that is displayed when the NPC had been defeated was not displayed correctly
  • Modification of the bug that there is an error in the image character of L. gear "clever construction site armband"
  • Bug fixes to some background illustration there is an error in the "Liberty Converter Mk.III"
  • "Mikoto = Amemiya" in modification of the bug that some conversation illustration has not been properly display of "Carol = Riel" the quest in progress
  • Change level need for some items from level 40 to 42 (Which is impossible to get for now), which make some items useless for now.
  • If other conversation illustrations are not displayed correctly, the game file might not have been loaded successfully. We apologize, please try to restart the game. Thank you.
4. Specification Change (9/1 17:50 postscript)
  • In the following quest , we changed the contents of the basic remuneration .
    a) Change the basic remuneration of - : "special training program Kamihiro production of yellow disk ," on " yellow disk " 
    b) Change the basic remuneration of - : "special training program Xiang凰学Garden production of blue disk ," to " Blue Disk"
  • In order to complete each quest , you must have made a single each disk as usual .
  • Change movable channel to page 5 from 7 pages ( 9/1 17:50 postscript )
Thank you " CLOSERS " in the future .

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Thanks for the Patch Notes, I edited it a little so it looks nice on the front page.
Do not send me private messages regarding game help.

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