Patch notes 09/08/2015
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1. Updates:
  • New zone (「Gタワー屋上」)
  • Max lvl is now 52
  • implement a secondary class ("official agent") of all playable characters. Along with this, new skills will be available for acquisition.
  • "Official agent uniform" will be available for production.
  • Added new ilustration in login screen
2. Problems that are currently confirmed:
  • Some story voice does`t play.
3. L. gear (Union store / Liberty conversion):
  • new costume "New Wave" series.
  • Sales period is September 29, 2015 (Tuesday) will be up during periodic maintenance start.
  • "Ocean Splash" and "Summer Vacation" series cant be buy any more
4. Event campaign.
  • start of the "school attendance record."(start from 1st day)
  • End of the "Summer Weapon events"(Production menu of summer weapon, as well as material items "special synthetic fiber" will be removed.)
  • End of the "Union Watch strengthening Week"
  • End of the "starter pack campaign"(you can still buy it in "union shop" but its no more in promotion)
  • End of the "first time shopping campaign."
  • End of the "level-up campaign"
  • End of the "Login campaign"
  • End of the "new registration campaign"
  • End of the "Misutiru pre-registration Events Offers"
5. Bug fixes:
  • When you have made one of the L. gear upgrade in a state in which the possession of a same L. gear, other L. gear is upgraded, Fixed a bug that in some cases,
  • Fixed to the "More Information" character and "physical damage reflectance"
  • Fixed bug where voice of Yuri Asuma dont play
  • Fixed a bug that Psychic move for the voice of "mistilteinn" has not been playing successfully
  • Fixed error of some text
6. Specification change:
  • Modified to be deposited the package items available for purchase in a shared warehouse from Union Store
  • In the quest "synthetic dimension species that continued evolution of the experiment", change so that always appear monsters to drop the "B-type dimension species of blood."
  • Add the date indicated on the list on a mailbox
7. Distribution of items: Thank you "CLOSERS" in the future.

[Image: M6hHb59.jpg?1]
"implement a secondary class ("official agent") of all playable characters. Along with this, new skills will be available for acquisition."

Didn't i say it will be added for all characters? u_u.......

People kept saying it was impossible :v

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