Perfect PNA
After draining my money from 220m to 10m cuz thanks RNG (Yes, I was saving up for wings, but at the same time I didn't want to spend 300m on wings, and there's only one way to prevent that: spending on something else, because I know Naddic will later make wings way more available, at least worth 100m instead of 300m)

I finally managed to get full perfect PNA pages that can't be argued about (yes, all strings are legendary):

My setup is:

For PVP:

Quote:Blue= 6x Raw attack +100, 6x HP +4.95%, 6x Mov Speed +2.97%.

Yellow= 2x Penetration +7.5%, 2x CDr +6.97%, Additional magical & physical defense rate +4.93%.

Red= 2x CDr +9.23%, 2x HP +12.5%.

For PVE:

Quote:Blue= 6x Raw attack +100, 6x HP +4.95%, 6x Drop rate +0.87%.

Yellow= 2x Monster type penetration +12.5%, 2x CDr +6.97%, Additional magical & physical defense rate +4.93%.

Red= 2x CDr +9.23%, 2x Monster type additional damage +10.01%.

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