Pet System
Open Pet window by pressing PET from menu or B Key
[Image: pet1.png]
  1. display help for the pet system.
  2. Pet list. Pet that is currently possession will be displayed in a list. Pet equipped will be displayed at the top of the list.
  3. Pet status is displayed.
    EXP: This is the pet experience. Clearing dungeons while equipping the pet, will acquire experience.
    AP: This is the action force of the pet. one point consumed when admission to the operations area.
  4. Pets skills that can be used.
  5. It displays the current pet state.
  6. [Naming] button. You can change the name of the pet by consuming "pet name change ticket". (purchasable on Union Shop)
  7. mount/ release pet.
  8. [Feeding] button. If the action power (AP) has been reduced, it will be able to restore the ability to act by giving a "pet food".
  9. Pet growth stage will be displayed.

Quest to obtain Pet

Area 1 NPC Mahiro Uzuki
[Image: pet2.png]

a minimum of lv 11 to get this quest

after completing the quest, you'll obtain these items:
[Image: pet3.png]

when you click the 卵保管BOX (egg storage BOX) in inventory consumption tab, you will be able to get the pet

[Image: pet4.png]

you can check the status of your new pet in pet window
[Image: pet5.png]

press the [装着する] button to mount the pet as follow, pet will be shown next to your character
[Image: pet6.png]

Take your Pet to dungeons

When mounting a pet, you can take them to dungeons. Each pet has unique skill, assist you on fight.
evolve by raising the pet level & appearance changes, more powerful skills can be used.

Pet Skills:
  • learn combat skills and action skills are depending on the growth stage.
  • Pet's Active skills, can be registered and use quick slot.
  • Damage amount of pet skills: the highest physical attack power when the player character has entered the dungeon, or magic attack power is used as the reference.
    For hybrid character, correction value is applied to attack power as a reference value.
Action Power (AP) & EXP:
  • When admission to dungeons while mounting pet, action power of the pet is 1 point consumption, at the time of clear and then earn 10 experience value.
  • AP of pets can be recovered by 1 point per 10 minutes while the character is in the city
  • if the character is offline, AP of pet does not recover.
    In addition, the AP of pet you have not mounted will not recover
  • If you go to dungeons with mounted Pet's AP is "0", the effect of pet skills is reduced.
    In addition, clearing the strategy area, pets will not be able to acquire experience.
  • If you are in possession of the pet food in inventory, and if the AP of the pet is "0", pet food will be automatically used, and AP recovered by 10 points.
  • When you press the [エサやり] button in the "pet window" in a state in which the AP is decreased, it can also recover by giving pet food.

Pet Evolve:

[Image: pet7.png]
Pets evolved in the order of 「卵」>「幼体」>「成体」("egg" > "hatchlings" > "adult") and different AP values and skills effect for each growth stage.

If you have reached the max level of the current stage of growth, you can't gain more experience, evolve it to the next stage.

※ for the pet to evolve, need material items.
If you hover the mouse pointer to the growth stage icon, the item name required to evolve will be displayed.

[Image: pet8.png]
  1. while mounting pet, you can't evolve the pet, click [解除する] button to un-mount (1) - if the pet level has reached max on its growth stage, there's button to evolve (2)
  2. confirmation window, if you have all the materials you can click the [確認] button to evolve
  3. pet evolve completed

Rename your pet:

when you have 「ペットネーム変更チケット」(pet name change ticket), you can rename your pet
  1. open pet window and click the naming button (yellow button)
  2. a new window appear, you can type the name there, max 12 characters, then click confirm button
  3. pet name changed!

please note
  • at the same time a pet can be installed will be up to one animal.
  • pet type and growth stage, different skills and actions.
  • pet can not be used in the "UNION ARENA".
  • 「ペットフード」(pet food) and 「ペットネーム変更チケット」 (pet name change ticket) from Quest "pet of growth - growth experiment" are available upon completion, rest of them you can buy in the Union store.
  • future plan to implement variety of pets.

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