Plane Gate Area and PNA System Preview
Plane Gate Area:
[Image: FileDownloader.aspx?oidFile=4620733873842553290]
[Image: FileDownloader.aspx?oidFile=4909017576308211754]

Red Dimension
[Image: FileDownloader.aspx?oidFile=4981021736658010643]

Blue Dimension
[Image: FileDownloader.aspx?oidFile=4620733676274057886]

[Image: FileDownloader.aspx?oidFile=4692844673935343669]

PNA System UI
[Image: FileDownloader.aspx?oidFile=4764901357440205055]
PNA slots are divided between [Attack], [Defense] and [Auxilliary].
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That is an awful lot of things to put points into.

.....Which makes me worry about the power creep this could lead to. Especially if they still intend on bosses being challenging instead of pushovers like plenty other games. Will our new characters need to grind out their PNA levels before moving on to new areas designed around people who've been grinding it since day one?

But then again, it could make PVE less pay2win by allowing free players to get higher stats in things like Attack Speed and Crit Rate without spending too much on the RNG tuning system.
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If I don't do it....nobody else will.
[Image: e8a2d0eee420588d1aa4080532c2c765.gif]
#5 how do we unlock PNA?
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I'll let you know after I get through this first Episode 58 quest with RNG boss drops.

That's right. E-4 VH runs for 5 boss drops that's not guaranteed to drop.

For ****'s sake Naddic.....

Edit: Completed at 50/170 Stamina. (Holding on to my VIP Services for now.)

And I've unlocked PNA. After you complete that Story Quest, the new girl in the new area will have a quest for 100 of the green DNA thingies. After completing the quest, she gives you three usable items and you unlock the UI.

.....I'm guessing you need two of each of those items in order to unlock the skills though. Right clicking them puts them on the side of your UI, but I still can't do anything with the skills. But I'm guessing someone will translate everything before I am able to figure this out.

Edit 2: I hit PNA Level 2 as soon as I completed my first Area X run after unlocking PNA. (I did a run before figuring out the first quest sent me back to E-4, but all I got were items.)

And I think I figured out how the system works: You unlock the slots, you use the items that are basically "boxes" for random stat bonuses, then you get to assign those stat bonuses into the slots.

There are blue, yellow, and red slots and items. The items can be bought from the new scientist girl in the area.

Each slot costs 2 points. I got 2 from leveling up so I can only put in one slot right now.

The current available options I have from using the items are are 26.67 Physical Attack, 26.67 Magic Attack, 220 HP, and 0.29% Bonus EXP.

You can freely swap them out at any time for no cost.

Edit 3: I also got 6 SP out of nowhere. PNA level?
Just two mini-dungeons? Lame, and so much recycled content... Again.
So... uh, these things are basically additional equipments?
[Image: Aiip38z.png]
Yeah, that's exactly what it is.

Lots of additional equipment slots that you get a second EXP bar to level up in order to use.

And it goes up to level 70 according to the ingame help tooltip.
Am I the only one who thinks this is unnecessary as hell?
I mean, they could have just made the already available equipments stronger instead.

Oh, well...
[Image: Aiip38z.png]

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