Plane Gate weapon: Staff or Lantern?
Lanterns are something I've considered as a "pay2win" weapon. Sure, they have the best secondary bonuses by far with 15-17% Cooldown Reduction and 40-45% Critical Hit Damage. But their lower Attack Speed and Attack requires a good deal of Attack Speed from other sources and upgraded to +11 or +12 to make up for.

.....However, Attack Speed is a complete non-issue for Levia. She never needs to use normal attacks. (I only ever do it to finish off enemies with a sliver of HP remaining.) So there is just the lower Attack.

However, the fully upgraded Plane Gate Lantern gives a whopping 45% Critical Hit Damage. And has a bonus 12% Magic Critical Hit Rate on top of it. Given that Levia also gets the passive bonuses to those two stats from Phase Power, which she can keep up indefinitely after the first activation, and plenty of Critical Hit Rate and Damage from other sources, (Including Magic Critical Hit Rate skill cubes for every skill and Aerial Critical Hit Rate to get around Magic Critical Hit Rate's diminishing returns since she can stay in the air forever as well.) she can easily get around 50%+ CHR, making crits a consistent factor.

.....The question is, exactly how big a factor is the Magic Attack stat in the calculations? Which would really be worth more? Around 200 more Magic Attack at +0? Or 45% Magic Critical Hit Damage?
Attack Speed affects skill casting speed as well, keep that in mind.

And there's no crit rate optional cubes. The icon may say Rate, but it's like the passive: It's Crit Damage.
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*Sigh.* I fell for Naddic's misleading labeling again.....

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