Please Help, can not enter dungeon. :(
Hi, I need help on the JP server. I get an notice message whenever I tried to enter the dungeon. The message says "探索中には操作できません", translated on google is says: "You can not operate while searching". I don't know what I am searching for but it just won't let me enter. I tried changing channels, changing characters, and restarting my game, but still no good.

Link to screenshot:
I believe it means you are already queuing for a dungeon but you try to open the dungeon UI again, there should be a UI on the top right showing the wait time/queue.

If you want to start a dungeon alone, press F5, otherwise F6 after selecting the dungeon to look for party members.

P.S: There's a high chance no one queues for low level dungeon, so just F5 those.

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