Please help error 0xe019101a
Please, after few minutes IG my game crash and i have this error 0xe019101a, i tried to disable my anti virus and my firewall but it doesn't work!
Can someone help me?
I'm having the exact same issue. The only difference is that I don't even reach the IG stage, the game crashes right after finishing loading (after the xigncode3 thing appear at the bottom of the screen). I've done some research on this and found some things that can be useful for you and other players:

- Lots of games that use the Xigncode3 as an anti-hacking are having this problem (the most common of them, if you search, is BlackDesert)
- Some people who had this problem on BlacDesert simply diactivated the anti-virus while loading and playing the game. It stoped crashing. I tried to do the same, but, as you said, no results :/ 
-My next step will be changing my anti-virus (I use the McAfee program, offered by Dell when you buy their computer. It sucks). This may or may not be the solution for us, because the Xigncode3 Anti-hacking System is, actually, VERY sensitive. That means it can read anything as a threat.
- This error is not even in the error list provided by the Xigncode3 company. Contacting them may help a little, although players from PointBlank (another game with simillar issue) didn't get much by doing this...
-Some people who were playing at the KR server had this issue, but after some time it disappeard. If anything work at this point, I guess the only thing we can do is waiting :/

I will try to find another solution, If I find something interesting, I'll post here :3
Same problem, i not have virus & anti-virus, i'm on Windows 10, i have disable Windows Defender too. If you can't help?[Image: TY4Ls0R.png]
Nata LVL 63 - French Player

[Image: tumblr_nohlck5wQ01tmwpiao1_500.gif]
I've been running into the same xigncode error, and just after the initial loading is finished too. Tried most of the things suggested on the Black Desert forums, where they've been running into the same problem. No luck though. Been a while since last time I played, so I was looking forward to check out the new updates. Sad
Nobody has any solution?
Nata LVL 63 - French Player

[Image: tumblr_nohlck5wQ01tmwpiao1_500.gif]
This seems to have been fixed for me after the latest patch. Yay! =D
Yes, the game work for me too with the new patch.
Nata LVL 63 - French Player

[Image: tumblr_nohlck5wQ01tmwpiao1_500.gif]

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