Post your Theme Song
What's more cooler then walking into a bar full of thugs and ripping out the tunes as you kick each and everyone of their butts? Walking away from a scene after losing a friend the soft melody plays as you move on? Perhaps just sitting near a cliff side the breeze flowing over you as your song plays. What is your theme?


Can't really think of one but this one works i guess
it's really hard to find a song that i can relate to entirely, and then also sounds good as BGM. but uh, I like "Zombie" from PSG's soundtrack,

and Jay-Z's "No Church In the Wild" (instrumental) has kind of a similar sound.

i would probably take the start of NCITW for when my "character" is about to appear in a scene since it's quiter. when they finally show, it'd switch to Zombie. i think that'd sound pretty neat!

i also love this song, "Arabica" by Paio, it's a great adventure theme, but it's really strong so i don't think it'd fit well anywhere except as a montage, maybe.



I would mention Zero, but that would be too obvious. Also, Near the Border is really close to me.


When I solo a VH mission
Probably this one

On a more serious note, probably this one:

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