Pre-Maintenance Patch Notes 4/6/2015
(06-05-2015, 01:25 PM)Endgame Wrote: I'm seeing other players inflict frost status on enemies now. Does anyone know what the source of that is?

It's happened with a Yuri, another Seulbi, and a party with another Seulbi and a Misteltein now, so it can't be an added skill effect.

Epilogue boss module. The magic one.

It didnt work before (I have one of em on my seulbi) so it's nice to know it does now.
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-insert seha trash talk here- now buff tein
Thing's I've noticed after today's maintenance:

-Loading times slightly faster for me.

-Weapon durability goes back down again, but repair bills are much cheaper now.

-Seulbi's scrap effects were modified. Much more low key.
Option menu has been swap im just confused again lol
The event costume pieces can be dismantled. Top and bottom give 30 fibers, shoes give 19.

However, you can only craft one of each item per character. But you can still save up and craft all the different characters' pieces.

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