Prediction when Fighting Seulbi OA in Cube
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Do not send me private messages regarding game help.
I feel like her Black hole will be even more of a pain.

Basically OA Yuri Blitz that moves around the map and explodes
Help w/ EXP Data!
Help w/ Server Differences!

[Image: twuvUfA.png?1]

Warning to new players:
CLOSERS is a game that adjusts several important details in almost every single patch.
So something that may have been true a month ago may not be true now. Check the date before you reply!
Well, that's going to be really annoying I guess. o.O
Prepare for trouble
And make it double.

That black hole is going to suck.
Master of all lolis
Gimme them all
That accuracy.

[Image: 2gwgjsw.jpg]
Striker: Lv. 42 | Caster: Lv. 52 | Ranger: Lv. 45
Fighter: Lv. 38
| Lancer: Lv. 39
Hunter: Lv. 39 | Witch: Lv. 24 |Rogue: Lv. 43 
Arms: Lv. 51
personally if i died to her satellite bomb i would probably welcome it with open arms

by the grace of god, seulbi, touch me

especially lookin as good as she does? hot DAMN
What if for every character with OA already, all the players in the cube will be updated to OA as well?

I wonder what it feels like to fight OA Seha and OA Yuri at the same time haha.
(01-27-2015, 07:02 PM)AirinMikune Wrote: What if for every character with OA already, all the players in the cube will be updated to OA as well?

please ban this user before naddic sees this

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