Present for Follow & RT! Twitter Campaign!
[Image: 620x232_twitter.jpg]
※ 1000 RT and 10000 followers achieved!
※ There is a change on event implementation content.

Campaign Period: 20:00 18 March 2016 ~ 15:00 22 March 2016
Campaign Content:
During the campaign, you can follow CLOSERS official twitter account(@sega_cls) and RT the campaign tweet.
Depending on the total RT within the campaign period, you can get present by reaching certain RT on campaign tweet.
When total follower exceeded 10000, all people who do the follow & RT the campaign tweet will get a chance by lottery to get one handwrited autograph paper from “悠木碧さん(Mikoto Amamiya CV)” or “東山奈央さん(Yuri Asuma CV)” or “杉田智和さん(J CV)”.(1 person autograph for 1 winner)

How to Participate the Campaign:
  1. Follow CLOSERS official twitter account(@sega_cls).
  2. RT the campaign tweet.
Campaign Tweet

Item and Event In-Game Implementation/Distribution List
Achieved 1000 RT and all will be implemented!
※ "1000 RT" rewards will be changed because some unexpected problem.

50 RT
→ achieved!
[Item distribution]
20x 迅速デュアル回復カプセル

100 RT
→ achieved!
[Item distribution]
10x 高級位相繊維

300 RT
→ achieved!
[Item distribution]
5x 最高級強化燃料

500 RT
→ achieved!
2x drop rate for L.gear/PNA/Equipment part/Enchant material/Fabrication material

800 RT
→ achieved!
Half price for enchance & black market fee

1000 RT
→ achieved!
Limit EDM +1
Limit PG +1
PG now no need for key to enter[Item distribution]
1x 特別作戦サポート15 days契約権

※ If the RT reach exceed some number, you can receive the under too. Ex: The total of RT is 800, then you will receive 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 implementation/distribution.

Item Distribution and Event Planned Date
■ Event implementation period: 24 March 2016 ~ 7 April 2016
■ Items distribution date and target of distribution
  • "1 ~ 3" item distribution
    7 April 2016, when maintenance
    →distributed from mail to highest level character that login within 1 March 2016 ~ 24 March 2016
  • "6" item distribution
    24 March 2016, when maintenance
    →distributed from mail to character that login within 1 March 2016 ~ 24 March 2016
Winner announcement
Will be decided by lottery, the winner will be contacted by direct message on early April 2016.
※ The winner will be contacted by direct message.
※ SEGA is the one who decide the winner autograph.

please note:
※ If your twitter account setted private or unfollowing @sega_cls before the winner decided, you will excluded from the lottery.
※ If you already following before the campaign, you still can participate the lottery.
※ If the winner not replying the message, they will assume that you declined the prize.
※ Shipping destination only for Japan.
※ If there are violations to the term and conditions, we may stop the distribution.
※ Because some unforeseen reason, the content and schedule of the event can be changed anytime.
as of 19/3 we passed 1000 rts. hurrah! we get all events
[Image: Fate_Stay_Night_-_Shirou_Fights_Archer.gif]

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