Pros/cons for all characters
I think if some endgame players would state the pros and cons for each character, it would help future players choose who to main and have a better understanding of them. We need to know the strengths and weaknesses. So if someone experienced would like to make a contribution, please do.

+High damage.
+All around useful kit. Has a tool for anything.
+Great at air combos.

-Is party unfriendly in that his attacks can disrupt other party members when used incorrectly. (Lots of launches.) And party members can screw up him as well.


+Great at mobbing.
+Useful party utility skills.
+Higher airtime for avoiding attacks.
+Long normal attack range.

-Low durability.
-Lower single target damage.
-Poor air combo potential.


+High damage.
+Good range.
+Good at hit and run attacks.
+Faster movement and combos.

-Low durability.
-Only one AoE skill until Official Agent, and it's an ultimate skill with a lengthy cooldown.


+High durabilty. Various HP recovery options.
+Super armor frames allow for uninterrupted beatdowns.
+Good at disrupting enemy attacks. Can interrupt super armor attacks.
+Good at gathering enemies.

+/-He has no MP, instead, his skills use HP instead. This can be both a good thing or a bad thing depending on the situation.

-When bosses become ungrabbable and start forcing him to run away with attacks that hit too hard to tank, (Epilogue bosses) his performance drops.
-Only one ranged attack. (Granted, it pulls enemies towards them.)


+Really high damage.
+Good at hit and run.
+Good at gathering enemies.

-High MP consumption and poor regeneration.
-Normal attacks are weak. (Which is part of why his MP generation is poor.)
My opinion would be...

  • Jack of Trades: He has DoT, good damage, mobbing, grabbing. But his options for every category is mediocre.
    (Well except for damage)
  • Low range is easily made up by
    • Phase Focus Blade
    • Irrationally high damage
    • Skills that close the gap (Rush, Point Blank Strike, Shockwave)
  • Thanks to Phase Blade and True Damage, his damage is MONSTROUS.
  • Phase Focus Blade.
  • King of juggling
  • Finishing Moves have extremely low cooldowns
  • Cute
  • Mediocre mob gathering capability, with all gathering utilities having high cooldowns
    • Well, except for maybe >>ZZ
  • Lacks AoE
    • Only AoE he has is Shockwave: a skill with high cooldown and mediocre-at-best damage.
  • Difficult to learn at first.

  • Really high range
  • Fast combo
    • >>ZZ >>ZZ >>ZZ zzzz
  • Fastest map cleaner
  • Best mob gatherer
  • Great party support
  • Almost never runs out of MP thanks to Cluster
  • Bits allow her to debuff and/or armor crash according to the situation
  • Can get awakening really quickly without tanking
  • Magical Class (easier to pick gears)
  • Has many fanboys
  • Squishy
  • Disgustingly slow movement
    • She even has the slowest Psychic Move in the game.
  • Bit Dispatch pisses off everyone in the party
  • Despite being the best mob gatherer...
    • Gravity Field knocks down. That hurts the party if the mobs are snakes.
    • Cluster is expected to explode.
    • So really, Wormhole is the only skill that really gathers in party play...
  • Pitifully low multipliers on burst skills
  • DoT and Finishing Move reliant
  • Most moves leave her extremely vulnerable
  • Magical Class (gears are also hella expensive)
  • Has many fanboys

  • High range
  • One of the fastest characters
    • Fastest movement action in game (>>^ZZ)
    • Fast attack speed
  • Skill multipliers are off the charts
  • Several long skills (snipe and lane clearing)
  • Almost on par with Seulbi's mob gathering capability just because of ONE skill... (Blitz)
  • Can adjust position on the map very easily due to the large amount of passes + an overhead skill
  • Mixed damage class
  • Plot
  • Mixed damage class
  • Most of her Finishing Moves have lots of leaks
  • MP management is a living hell
  • Can't stop staring at that plot

  • ATATATATATATATATA (I'm serious, ATATATATATA is the grail of J's career)
    • Can be used to tank
    • Can be used for damage
    • Can be used for quick Golden Time Again strikes
    • Can be used to farm awakening and technique points
  • Pretty much never needs to use potions
  • Due to HP resource, J is capable of sparring HP in order to TANK.
    • This allows him to take it, take it all in hits for orgas awakening.
  • One of the fastest characters
    • Fast base movement speed
    • Potentially the fastest combo in the game (ZZ<>)
  • God bless Germanium Power (heals HP, adds attack, reduces resource usage, it also has high hitstun and nice range so good for AoS)
  • 1) Golden Time Again
    2) Healthy Morning Exercise
    3) ????
    4) Profit.
  • His mob gathering isn't fast but he has 5...that's right, FIVE skills that can be used for mob management. (Ocher, ATATATATATATATA, Jade, Magnesium, Calcium)
    SEVEN SKILLS IF YOU ADD THE ULTIMATES. (That's right, every skill except for one can be used for mob management...)
    • Obviously, this means he more or less rules over the mob locations.
  • Party support is amazing:
    • Grab also contains Armor Crash. (Unlike PBS cough, btw did I mention Point Blank Strike initials are PBS? ahahaha)
    • He has 4 skills that contain Armor Crashing.
    • Magnesium and Calcium can push enemies that can't be grabbed.
  • He's J
  • Comedy Relief Character
  • Can't go nilly willy and spam ultimates every room due to HP being resource instead of MP
  • J is melee, and his damage relies on continuous strikes done manually, so you either tank and punch or lose DPS.
  • Finishing Move combo is really strong. The problem? All a party member needs to do is accidentally use >>Z and it's ruined.
  • He's the ruler of the mobs....just like he can be the party's savior, he can also be the party's worst nightmare.
  • I still don't know much about his story
  • Name is short. Seriously, that's pretty annoying when official site goes by names instead of classes. The letter 'j' probably shows up several hundred times >:C

  • High range
  • He can buff attack + general damage and debuff defenses
    • Even though most Tein only give a sh*t about themselves without regard to party so they explode it asap...
  • Skill multipliers broke Yuri's chart
    • Lance skills can potentially deal 2k% if you explode it. (lv20 CL, Lv9 Nio, Lv9 Mjol)
    • Lance Cruising in the air's damage is so unreal
  • Mob gathering is on par with J's.
    • >>Z pushes pretty far.
    • Nov/Adv Lance Charging pretty much copied Calcium Charging
      • Though Expert/Master Lance Charging is the good pusher
    • Why is Tornado legal
  • The DoT is so real
  • Irrationally low cooldowns
  • 4 second psuedo-Forced Cancel (Release!)
  • Release!'s f*cking passive effect
  • Magical Class (easier to pick gears)
  • He's not legal, he's jailbait. ...tho srsly why is this legal?
  • Umbrella Spear
  • The owner of ClosersHQ loves him
  • Hideyoshi
  • Slow
  • Basic combo is physical. He does have a passive that converts magic to physical but that's just not enough. (Increase to 40% plis)
  • MP is hard to manage at early levels thanks to 100~200 MP cost for all spears
  • ...Tornado is really easy to mess up, especially in lag...
  • Finishing Move multipliers are pitifully low
    • This is easily made up for with Tein's buffs though.
  • Magical Class (gears are also hella expensive)
  • I can't dress him up in pretty, long, girly hair
  • Mjolnir is a f*cking hammer

Too lazy to make TL;DR for each one of them... ~'.'~
No longer active
(03-05-2015, 04:54 PM)Khleys Wrote: Yuri
  • BnB MP regeneration combo is difficult to learn at first
Actually, ZZZ<> works for her now.

Not sure when exactly this happened, but I discovered it on accident. And it works great.
(03-05-2015, 11:03 PM)Endgame Wrote:
(03-05-2015, 04:54 PM)Khleys Wrote: Yuri
  • BnB MP regeneration combo is difficult to learn at first
Actually, ZZZ<> works for her now.

Not sure when exactly this happened, but I discovered it on accident. And it works great.

No longer active
all class got MP problem except J, LOL
mp stuff need serious revamp, my finger hurt so much clicking pots

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