PvE/Dungeon Gangnam GGV - [Special] Manned Offensive [1-S]
The first special mission of the game is a rather straightforward, but difficult, Tower Defense mission. What most people don't know however, is how exactly to use all the given options during the mission. That's where this guide comes in!

Table of Contents:
-1: Dungeon Select
-2: Mission Overview
--2.1: Map
--2.2: Time Attack
--2.3: Shop
--2.4: Items and Unit HP
--2.5: Turrets
-3: Result Screen

1. Dungeon Select

You access the Special Mission like any other dungeon, through the first area's dungeon select. There are however, a few differences.

[Image: c617821bff.png]

When you click the red dungeon, it'll bring up the difficulties and other things like usual.

1: Difficulties
There are 3 difficulties, but they differ from those used for dungeons. They are Individual, Cooperation, and Master.
In individual, you are alone. You cannot party with other people and must rely on your own skills to clear the mission successfully.
In Cooperation, you can party with other people, but only through already formed parties. F6 will not work. This mode is more difficult, to compensate for the fact you are now working together.
Master is much the same as Cooperation but increases the difficulty even more and is only accessible well past the first area.

2: Recommended Level
Each mode has it's own level range the difficulty is meant for.
Individual and Cooperation is recommended for players between level 18 and 25, while master is recommended for people between 28 and 35.

3: Character Limit
This tells you how many people are required to enter the chosen difficulty. You can only enter Individual alone, while the other two require at least two players.

4: Requirements and Entry Limit
As usual, these are the requirements to unlock that specific difficulty of the dungeon.
Unlike other dungeons however, these Special Missions also have Entry Limits, and once you run out, you must wait until the next day to enter again. You could also buy special entry passes from the cash shop.

2. Mission Overview

Once inside, you'll notice some new things that aren't in the normal dungeons. This special mission takes place in a single room. It is your job to defend the central tower called the "Unit" from both sides as monsters will spawn in waves to attack.

[Image: 984f51db75.png]

2.1 Map

The map is essential to clearing this mission successfully, as it shows vital information such as ally position, monster position and elite monster position. Never leave a group of enemies alone or they will do serious damage to the Unit.

[Image: 46daebc587.png]

1: Monster
These red dots indicate monster locations. Keep an eye out on where the monsters are coming from.

2: Elite Monster
From time to time, an elite monster will spawn on either (or both) side(s) of the map. It is your priority to take these down as fast as possible as they possess far more power than any of the normal monsters.

3: Allies
These green dots indicate non-party allies, such as turrets or soldiers.

4: Unit
It's what you need to defend! Don't let enemies get nearby, and keep its health up at all times.

5: Time
The amount of time left

6: Wave Count
How many waves have passed. There are a total of 11 enemy waves and you must clear them all to beat the mission.

2.2 Time Attack

Unlike dungeon time attacks, this is the actual time limit you have to complete the mission. When time runs out, the dungeon ends and you'll be shown the result screen. You will still get rewards, but the best ones can only be gotten by fully clearing the mission.

2.3 Shop

Pressing B while standing next to this NPC will open a special store where you can spend Kill Points, or KP for short. You gain these by killing enemies and can be used to buy a few helpful items

[Image: da928b14f1.png]

1: Buff Potions
These special potions will automatically be applied the moment you buy them. They give various effects such as increased damage, attack speed and MP regeneration, and should be kept active as much as possible.

2: Turret Summon
See 2.5 below for a detailed explanation on turrets.

3: Satellite Bombing Call
When used, this will summon a barrage of explosions at your location, killing most normal enemies and dealing high damage to elite monsters.

4: Unit Recovery Kit
This item will recover the Unit's health by 10%. Always keep some on hand and never be too shy to use it! If your tower loses too much HP, a badly timed Elite Monster could cost you the mission!

2.4 Items and Unit HP

In the bottom right corner of the screen is the Mission's consumable slots and the remaining HP of the Unit.

[Image: 074c53dbf0.png]

1: Unit HP
The remaining HP of the Unit. Keep it up at all times!

2: Kill Points
This shows how much KP you've collected. Never save up too much of this, you lose it when the mission ends. Buy as many turrets, satellites and buffs as you can, and never forget to grab Unit Recovery Kits!

3: Consumable Slots
These slots are where the useable items from the mission shop will appear in.

2.5 Turrets

With a few KP, you can buy these small turrets. They may not seem helpful, but you'll need them to succeed!

[Image: 863f1de916.png]

You can summon these anywhere on the map. Just walk where you want it and press the button, provided you bought any from the mission shop. They have a cooldown, so use them wisely!
The main purpose of these turrets is not to deal damage. In fact, they're fairly useless in that regards. What they're meant to be used for, is attracting all enemies nearby. A turret will, without fail, force all monsters near it to attack it, ignoring both the player and the Unit. They allow you to control where monsters are, and to prevent monsters from damaging your tower. They are especially useful in Individual, as you can lock down one side of monsters near the turret while focusing on the other side on your own.

3. Result Screen

When you either fail to complete the mission in time, or clear it successfully, you will be taken to the result screen.

[Image: 1a41690114.png]

This will show you how many waves you survived, how many monsters you killed, and how many bosses you defeated. The rewards are obviously better if you clear the mission successfully, so don't give up, and keep trying!

Feedback on the guide is much appreciated!
This is an excellent guide. Thanks!

[Image: 2gwgjsw.jpg]
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Very comprehensive and helpful. Thanks muchly for creating this.
Oh man I didn't know you could buy all those stuff.

So hard.
This is very helpful, I'll make sure to put it to good use

Thanks for linking it from my thread Senne!
are the rewards worth it? since it's the first secret? is there something worthwhile to get?

also what are the green and yellow hexagon things?

sorry for the questions i did this but can't figure out what to do with these things.
(01-21-2015, 05:18 AM)GamesJorge Wrote: are the rewards worth it? since it's the first secret? is there something worthwhile to get?

also what are the green and yellow hexagon things?

sorry for the questions i did this but can't figure out what to do with these things.

The blue and yellow hexagon medals are used for repeat quests that give you some RNG boxes. The one you get for 3 blue medals has a chance of giving you Dungeon Talismans (those that boost a certain stat, or exp/credit gain for an entire dungeon) and is by my knowledge the only way to get these from farming, without cashing.
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