PvE/Dungeon How to Level up fast [Winter Edition]
This guide for anyone that can stand 24 hours of playing

1. All you need is a VIP Token
[Image: 10314619_10204664345762008_5978855200699...e=5707E580]

VIP Token effects are increasing the stamina limit to 550 per account 170 per characters

2. Next you need to save up EXP & Stamina Potion. Don't forget to do all the Story & Side Quest
[Image: 12573856_10204664368642580_1336428157477...e=5744A4D3]

NOTE: Use EXP Potion when the dungeon starts do not use it when you already in the middle of the dungeon use this potion on V.Hard Dungeons & EDM, use Stamina potion when your stamina is already empty & do not do the repeated quest

3. Then do the Winter dungeon, Normal Dungeons & Emergency Defend Mission (EDM)
[Image: 12513780_10204664375682756_2216293052752112703_o.jpg]

Make sure you check every character inbox for EXP Potion, Stamina & Tokens

Never leave any amount of stamina on your character

You can use this guide whether the Winter dungeon is over

Happy grinding Smile
[Image: 10338272_1543625559291546_87915759278009...e=56D6CE42]
Thank you KatsuragiKiru for translate my guide to English XD
I hope this guide will help everyone
[Image: lfjZ8jD.png?1][Image: CL8OiGt.png?1][Image: 1IJcAg4.png?1]

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