PvE/Dungeon New boss Abyss Mephisto Guide
This is a short run recorded for those who are unsure of what to do on this stage.

Abyss Mephisto

Summary: Same as before, most of his normal attacks can be avoided by staying in the air

Boss skills:

00:48 - Summon Golem from gate and do special skill
- Destroy Gate before it casts finish

00:54 - Eyeballs coming out of gate  with boss smashing the ground (Dmg high)
- I-frame or get to safety, do not stand near gate as you can get multi-hit by the eyeballs (The smash on the ground can be evade by jumping)

1:03 - Beam laser (Dmg: high)
- Stay out of the line of fire or damage reduction it

1:11 - Circular fire of doom (Dmg: very high)
- i-frame it, perfect dodge or find the blue circle with orange flame to avoid getting hit

1:28 - Protection of Tablet (Dmg: Instant kill)
- Touch all the orange flames to prevent them from touching the tablet. Blue flames will push you away and do dmg to you.
(Failing to do so, boss will do hell of fire. FC or i-frame the whole duration of the skill)

2:07 - Lantern (Dmg low per lantern) (Confirmed)
- Player being marked should touch all the blue lanterns before it does the AOE blast that hit the whole map.

2:21 - Hell of fire (Dmg: Instant kill)
- Stay in the blue circle with symbol to get i-frame (each circle only holds 1 player so this is another test of teamwork spirit)

3:30 - Final form (All special skills stop)
- Debuff cast on all players. (Debuff include the opposite direction atk and atk reduction)
Careful of his normal atks as it is deadly. Keep your hp above half.

Conclusion: This is a simple boss if the team works together.

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