PvE/Dungeon Plane Gate: The All Encompassing Guide (WIP)
This post is currently WIP. You may read what is yet here, but it is still being activelymaybe?worked on and it is not yet complete.

Once you reach Plane Gate, you can officially say that you have reached the end-game of Closers.

With monster's HP and damage going up into the heavens and with it the difficulties, you will often find yourself using those potions and revive pills that you have never needed to use before frequently due to dungeons being easy.

Plane Gate is a whole game-changer for people who progressed through the game easily.

However, it's not without its merits. Running Plane Gate allows you to farm for Legendary-grade equipment, which you will most likely be able to use even after thew new content update.

What this guide will do is explain the core of Plane Gate, go through dungeons, what equipment set to farm for, and perhaps give you a virtual cookie when you are done reading.

Let us depart, shall we?

1. Plane Gate: The Core

Once you reach Plane Gate, there are two selection of Stones to progress to a dungeon. By their color, we categorize the dungeons that you can enter with the red stone with R, and the dungeons that you can enter with the blue stone with B.

These are currently the dungeons that exist in Plane Gate:

R-1: Temple Entrance      B-1: Twilight Road
R-2: Pilgrim's Road         B-2: Ruined Stormy Road
R-3: Altar of Distortion    B-3: Allaune's Garden
R-4: Crimson Plateau*       B-4: Field of Mists*
R-5: Altar of Nightmares*
 B-5: Verdure Amphitheater*

You will see that once you enter into the entering dungeon interface, there will be tabs on the left of the UI with numbers, going up to 8. These mean Dimensional Compression Stage, or just stage for short.

At first, you will only be able to access Stage 1. However, as you progress on to the upcoming stages by completing R/B-3 of each stage(R/B-5 at Stage 7), you will be able to progress on to the new stage. As you progress onto the new stage, there will be more mobs, new patterns to the bosses, and different equipment drops. You will also get more material drop from monsters as you progress to more difficult areas.

If you've paid a little attention to the wall of text I have been writing, you will see that there are asterisks attached to R/B-4~5. This is because they only become available to play at Stage 3- and they are the only dungeons accessible to play from S7. As this might suggest, the dungeons marked with the asterisk perhaps demonstrate the most difficult fights in the game.

Another thing to note is that R/B-3 and R/B-5 each needs a consumable key to get into.

When you run R/B-1 and R/B-2, you get each of the key head piece and key body piece from each run, allowing you to craft a key to run these dungeons.

Finally, like those special missions and Training Programs, Plane Gate has the daily entry limit of two per dungeon. This doesn't count for each stage, and it just strictly on the dungeon itself. For example, you can't run Temple Entrance on Stage 1 two times and then run it again on a different stage.

What does that mean? Well, it means that you have to pray to RNG god each day to get the right equipsyou will only get 2 headpiece and 2 bodypiece(R/B-4) doesn't give any key pieces) from each of the dungeons, allowing you to enter that two times entry limit on R/B-3 and R/B-5. You could go once for each, or twice on both. However, keys ARE craftable from something else than the key pieces itself, as these key pieces can be crafted from material drops from Plane Gate areas. However, as it is most advised to reserve your resources for crafting your equipment itself, it isn't all that recommended. Either way, even if you have a lot of keys, you still can't progress on the dungeon more than twice per each day.

2. Plane Gate: The Dungeons

This section will cover each dungeon's bosses briefly.
Being the late game dungeon as it is, Plane Gate has one of the harder boss patterns out of all areas. With that, and the damage buffed like heck from the stage progression, even a simple mistake could probably end up making you press that F5 to revive.

So, this section will aim towards covering some patterns so your character doesn't have to experience death because of your sucky fingers. Because their life is obviously more important.

As I said before, I won't be including all patterns. I will just be including few patterns that are quite dangerous.


Temple Entrance

[Image: 2150956f8319f3b21225ce9a10355ada.gif]

Boss: Cultist High Priest
Boss Type: Light

Although it looks pretty much the same as the adds that you fight throughout the dungeon, don't let its look trick you. It has some mechanics that you can easily fall for and lead to death.

However, it does have patterns that are largely easy to predict and it is easy to beat as long as you are careful.


Twilight Road

Boss: Flaming Mandran
Boss type: Unarmed

Honestly, most of this boss's skills deal tons of damage that it's practically at the level of insta-kill if you get fully hit by them...

However, since most of them are largely telegraphed, you can take care of most things with this boss by dodging the obvious circles in time and/or just stay in the air. Levia master race

Pilgrim's Road[/color]

Boss: Maximus
Boss Type: Heavy

[Image: ecc09cae20bf5a4f1bcd184913c618d7.gif]

More commonly known as Monkey within other ClosersHQ users... This boss is also a character that is playable in PvP(AOS) mode. But we all know PVP is broken for now

While most of this mob's attack patterns have large delays before it actually hits, it is fairly easy to dodge, per se. However, it will track you until the very last moment of when it hits, and if it does hit, it hurts. A lot.
[Image: HjlZeRz.gif]
it isn't necro if it's on a guide, and the thread was recently edited so it's alive k

I remember the guide being very helpful and didn't post back then, so thanks for the effort! How come most of the boss information was edited out though? o.o
no account Kr play cls jp disconnet ... Sad

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