PvE/Dungeon Receivers
What are receivers?

These things:

[Image: Y2pU7vP.png]

Okay, but what are they?

For all intents and purposes, they are modules. They have the same drop model as modules, the same possible stat rolls as modules. (In addition to specific enemy type total damage and Defense Penetration.)

However, instead of Physical and/or Magic Attack, they have new stats: Aerial, Back, or Chase Attack.

Aerial Attack Receivers have the lowest values of the three, while Back Attack has the highest. Chase Attack is the happy medium, but considering only two of the Plane Gate bosses can even have Chase damage done to them.....

How do I get receivers?

They drop in Area 5 Very Hard stages from minibosses (2 per run in any given stage) and bosses.

There are also six craftable ones.

How do I unlock the receiver slot?

[Image: 5jNcbfg.png]

Once you hit level 60, a new Area 5 quest from Lee Bitna (The bunny girl and former fanservice queen. Ah, she seems so tame now after Levia and Irina.....) will become available.

She asks you to get 50 of these:

[Image: 7XnMory.png]

10 of these:

[Image: 2vwnvLV.png]

And 50 of these:

[Image: JTIzzad.png]

These are boss drops. Once you get the quest, the Area 5 bosses will drop them.

As in, yes, you have to do 50 Area 5 stage runs. Hard or Very Hard.

Are they even worth it?

Here's a field test using this receiver:

[Image: VDbCVTG.png]

Here is the damage done without the receiver:

[Image: kH3cgat.jpg]

Now here is the damage with the receiver equipped:

[Image: dOYQf0N.png]

And now here is the damage after I upgraded the receiver to +7 (1670 Aerial Attack):

[Image: ERZwXPD.jpg]

Certainly, there is a damage increase. 1337/1670 Aerial Attack isn't quite the same as getting 1337/1670 more Physical/Magic Attack however.

It should be noted that while this purple rarity and quality Aerial receiver had 1337 Aerial Attack, I've gotten blue rarity Back Attack receivers with values of over 2400. So Back Attack receivers will certainly give a bigger boost, even if it is harder to get Back attacks.

And as receivers can give you stats like Critical Hit Damage, Critical Hit Rate, Attack Speed, Cooldown Reduction, even one that has both Physical and Magic Attack as secondary stats, they're certainly useful even if the raw damage increase isn't that high.
Apparently the damage calculation for the receiver's additional damage depends on your specific situational's stats only?

In other words, the "1337"'s
additional damage can only be affected by aerial damage/critical damage/ etc..

Should try with and without receiver with high situational stats, too bad airport isn't around for wolfdogs yet so i can't do the test myself :/

I did make a J but I'm too lazy to unlock receiver for a character i barely use e_e
I just made a discovery after getting a receiver for Levia: You can get passive skill level boosts as random options.
I would like to add that quality matters more on the raw situational stats than enchantment level, a purple +4 for example have better stats than a +10 green/blue, same receiver (name).

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