Quest/Translation Help with Enchanting Quest Chain.
Started doing the quest where you assemble the level 99 weapon then break it down. Then you enchant a weapon. It then moves to the +7 enchant item and i get stuck.

[Image: zGheCZK.jpg]

I believe this is the quest line.
You need to tune your gear, if I remembered.

Here's the guide on it.
Do not send me private messages regarding game help.
It's the one right before gear tuning. I get rewarded with 2 of the spark plugs. I think it might require me to get a +5 or something before I can turn in or something.

[Image: k322tkT.jpg]

Here is the full quest in the log.
튜닝 성공 i translated it and it said tuning success 0/1. Try tuning only all 3 lines of an equipment and you're gucci, if it doesn't work try tuning 1 line
[Image: E5XRinu.png]
for that quest
don't do it now

you will get costume tuning quest
on 2nd area

which makes that quest clear :3
K thanks for the input
no, I was right, was playing J, got that quest, so i took my weapon and tuned 3 lines, got the quest done
[Image: E5XRinu.png]

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