Question about skills
First is, I want to ask about the electric ball skill. It seems that electric suppose to flow across the ground, as what I have seen in most videos like Je's. However what mine does is just a simple ball and next stage is explosion while at the air it does rain down electricity.... Is it only for those beta testers?

Second one is, which skill is better off not leveled high?

thanks in advance~
Charged Cluster gets an AoE range increase when you get the Advanced skill cube. It then gets an electric current if you get the Master skill cube and cast it in the air. The cluster being detonated upon a second press was added in recently.

Most of the time, you just level a skill up to the level that unlocks the skill cube slot you want and leave it at that(Lv 3 for Advanced, Lv 6 for Expert, Lv 9 for Maser). The only time it's worth leveling past 9 is if it's a Finishing Blow, like Bus Bombing, or if the damage increase per level is worth it, like with Gravitational Field. This is mostly so you can maximize your skill point usage and learn all the skills and passives you need.
Again, thank you very much~

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