Hello !

Since Closers got a host migration, i've decided to play again ( playing without a VPN feels so great, let's hope Japanese players can ignore the... people talking out in other languages than japanese in global chat.. ), and i have yet several questions :

- As i just hit level 67 with a DPS of 18k ( around 30k in dung with Slash's buffs ), i've started to do Ex Zone, but bosses kinda.. one shot me, so where and how could i upgrade my gear ( everything is level 54 legendary from Blue/Red Zone, +7 minimum ( highest being 10 ), or is it okay to team up with JP players ( as in, is there any lag because of distance ( i'm playing from West Europe ), or won't they complain about me being undergeared ) ?

- Community wise, are Japanese rather complaining about host migration ( i'm watching you, vn players spamming global channel ) or are they ok with it ? ( that's really something i want to know but i don't know any japanese community so i don't know what players directly think about Happytuk )

- Also i kinda want the Chevalier ( called like that in JP, guess it's Splendor of Darkness for KRs ) set, but i really don't know how to get the fibers to craft it. is there any efficient way to gather them or will i have to pay for them ( aaand i really don't know where to buy some lol )

Thanks in advance, and i hope you guys will have fun on this renewed Closers !
I've been away for some time also so my info might be wrong.

1) 18k is not quite enough for EX, try checking your EQ from Plane Gate (Blue/Red gates), you should see Step 9,10 and last one Boss Raid. Playing these will get you some new EQ set which you can craft with materials only available on 9, 10 and raid. Changing to this set should grant you around 30k without buff. As for JP players, they rarely complain about your gear, but you do experience lag.

2) Sorry I've been away before migration so I am not sure about this.

3) The fibre you get from dismantling 3 star costume, or you play gacha and get it if you are lucky. Fibres can't trade so you can't buy it anywhere else.

Hope these help. Enjoy~
Yep thanks a lot, didn't know for Fibers, guess i'll really have to craft the SoD set before it disappears ;-;

i've met a japanese person who answered almost each question, so if people are wondering here are the "answers"

1) The lag depends, like really, of when you're playing and ofc your internet, you might experience lags sometimes, and 10 mins after no lag for anyone. And ofc JP people won't tell you there's a lag, so it's up to you to be respectful in this way and try to not party with japanese players ( unless they invite you ofc )

2) Japanese people are really complaining. When some random brazilians talked in global channel ( and i've tried to calm down people ), the japanese person i met said that "these players are really a pain, people are leaving Closers JP because of this", let's just hope it won't become a dead server, but JP players DO complain about unrespectful foreigners...

3) climaxed answered this perfectly, so thanks a lot !

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