Recent news summary : January
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As most of you have noticed, there is a "PVP event" on the main website, and I'm not posting about it.

Why? Because first of all, its a PVP tournament, further more you will be punished for participating by any illegal mean, including the identity linked to the account not being yours or someone in your family's (not to mention being a foreigner etc...)

The tournament is split into 2 phases, online and IRL, so you can always sign up for the online one and regret it.

As for the recent GM notes, Tein & Seha's PVP change will be reflected soon for PVE (by becoming pure physical/magical).

In addition to that, Naddic apologized for delaying J's revamp(?) although it should have happened earlier, and scheduled it during/before march 2016, as an apology gift, all Js above Lv55 will be rewarded with freebies in addition to have a 50% plane gate gear craft material reduction event, starting from next week.

They also revealed that J is planned to become pure physical in the future (after revamp?).

Do note that the "J compensation" content is subject to change, nothing is official until the 2/4 patch.

There's also a PVP board glitch which disturbs the rankings, in case you care about it.

Naddic confirmed there is a downside of the early area 6 release, which is no voices or movies, yet.

Plane gate update scheduled for february? Need official source..

Oh yeah, they are changing Seha & Tein's passive on the future they said, to something more useful..(I bet Seha will keep his true damage regardless, he'll just have some nice stats that goes with it)
So there is still a J revamp on the way.

.....Yeah, okay. Why do they think he needs one again?

They're compensating Js ABOVE 55? Why? He's weaker at lower levels. Once he gets Plane Gate gear he becomes a 1v1 god. He scales with gear better than anyone else. (Except Levia.) My J has like 8500 physical attack right now thanks to his passive where his attack and defense stats get boosted by his HP. (Not to mention being luckier with RNG. He's closer to perfect PNA than my Levia. 6 100 Physical Attack strains, 4 legendary HP % strains, and all.)

Granted, that passive can make him REALLY overpowered down the line. Like, say, when he can reach 50k HP. But you know somehow Levia will still be stronger than him at that point.
I feel like they will also nerf him down a bit, they are planning to change his main gameplay objective?

Also, PVE wise, yeah he is still rocking, as for PVP, since the 200% crit damage cap, he's not as good as before mainly because of golden time again giving him 90%~ critical damage and the super armor crash was removed in PVP.

As for the PVP board, its still glitchy but I can conclude:


In popularity.
J will become a wrecking machine in the next patch
[Image: 10338272_1543625559291546_87915759278009...e=56D6CE42]
I didn't even know this was possible
[Image: 3b56a95fd1166bcc547cdf57c3af8094.gif]
[Image: b4e45cf12aaba223b5807e02647057e3.gif]

Feels like GTA extends his hitbox somewhat.

If it works for PVE, I'm certain it works for PVP, and since Zs does legit damage there (My Nata's jump dash Z does more damage than Lv11 shadow hunting..) Yeah this is pretty broken..

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